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Cape Coral Police Receives JAG Grant from US Dept of Justice

(June 25, 2012)- The Cape Coral Police Department has been awarded the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (or JAG Grant for short). The department will receive nearly twenty-two thousand dollars.

Below is a description of the grant from the US Department of Justice- Office of Justice Programs:

The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) allows states and units of local government, including tribes, to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime based on their own state and local needs and conditions.

Grant funds can be used for state and local initiatives, technical assistance, training, personnel, equipment, supplies, contractual support, and information systems for criminal justice, including for anyone or more of the following purpose areas: I) law enforcement programs; 2) prosecution and court programs; 3) prevention and education programs; 4) corrections and community corrections programs; 5) drug treatment and enforcement programs; 6) planning, evaluation, and technology improvement programs; and 7) crime victim and witness programs (other than compensation).

This grant will be used to support law enforcement initiatives. Specifically, funds will be used to purchase a digital license plate recognition system. This will enhance the police department's effectiveness in the recovery of stolen vehicles and plates, increasing the apprehension of perpetrators before damage occurs to vehicles.

"We are grateful to the US DOJ for this grant funding. This will have a direct impact on the Cape Coral Police Department carrying out our mission to be one of the premier law enforcement agencies in Florida and ensuring that we remain one of the safest cities in the state"- Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.