On July 12, 2012 at approximately 1 PM a male entered the L & J Nail Salon, located at 2221 Santa Barbara Boulevard, and approached the counter.  Employee Thong Nguyen stated that the male displayed a knife and ordered him to give him the money.  Nguyen stated that the male jabbed at him with the knife and ordered him to hurry up or he would cut him.  Nguyen stated that he was immediately in fear and opened the cash drawer.  The suspect grabbed the money and demanded more.  Nguyen told him there was no more, pulled out his wallet, and showed the suspect he had no money.  The suspect came around the counter and began searching through drawers.  Nguyen fled out the back door of the salon and asked a passing motorist to call 911.  Nguyen witnessed the suspect fleeing on a bicycle North on SE Santa Barbara Place.  A witness was in front of the store when the suspect approached the salon.  He noticed the suspect because he witnessed him putting on gloves.  Both provided similar descriptions of the suspect, which included discoloration or scars on his cheeks.  The suspect could not be located at that time.

On July 13, 2012 at approximately 9:20 AM a white male entered the Capital Bank, located at 2209 Santa Barbara Boulevard, and approached an employee.  The male handed her a note that stated, "GIVE ME MONEY; NO DYE; I HAVE A GUN".  She stated that he grabbed the money and fled out the front door.  Another employee was also behind the counter and witnessed the robbery.  The male was described as 5'6"-5'7", white with pale skin, 160-170 pounds, brown hair, 25-30 years old, wearing a red t-shirt and red bandanna, and was described to have scars or discoloration to his cheeks.  They witnessed the male flee on a bicycle northbound on SE Santa Barbara Place.  They also witnessed him remove the red t-shirt and bandanna, and was last seen wearing a white t-shirt.  This information was given to 911 tele-communicators and was relayed to patrol officers.      

While en-route to the call, an officer observed a white male riding a bicycle at the 1600 block of SE Santa Barbara Boulevard matching the suspect's description. The officer attempted to make contact with the male at the 100 block of SE 16th Street. When the male saw an officer approaching he immediately fled eastbound on SE 16th Street on the bicycle. He left his bicycle in a vacant lot in the area of 168 SE 16th Street and continued to flee on foot eastbound behind the residences. The male was last seen near 215 SE 16th Street, where the officer lost sight of him.    

A perimeter of the area was established by patrol officers with the assistance of K9 and Aviation.  Officers began to canvass the area and obtained information about the suspect's possible place of residence.   Officers responded to that location and at approximately 11:01AM, Darin Carignan exited 215 SE 16th Street and was detained. The bank employees were transported to the scene and positively identified Carignan.      

Darin Carignan was placed under arrest and transported to CCPD for interview.     

Detectives constructed a photo line-up that included Carignan's photograph from today.  They met with Nguyen and upon viewing the line-up he immediately identified Carignan as being the person who robbed him the previous day.  Detectives then met with another witness, who also positively identified Carignan as being the person he saw rob the salon the previous day.  Carignan was subsequently charged with both robberies.    

Carignan was booked and processed, and transported to the Lee County Jail in good condition.



Darin Carignan

W/M, DOB: 10/06/1970

215 SE 16th St.

Cape Coral, FL