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Cape Coral Police Arrest Robbery Suspect

(July 18, 2012)- Cape Coral Police have arrested a suspect in an attempted robbery of a woman who was sitting in her car.

Brent Theodore Gerenda of Cape Coral was arrested by Police on charges of Burglary of an Occupied Vehicle with a Battery at 10:45pm last night.

On Tuesday July 17th at 10pm, the victim (a 21 year old female) was driving on Skyline Blvd near Cape Coral Parkway when she noticed a car following her. The car's headlights were flashing and horn was honking. The victim believed it to be kids horsing around and did not become overly concerned.

As the victim pulled into her driveway on El Dorado Parkway West, she noticed that the car that had been following her had pulled into the grass and the male driver approached her car. The victim's window was partially down when the male got to her door. The male reached into the car and grabbed the victim's sweatshirt forcefully and demanded that she give him her phone and wallet. The male told the victim that he was armed with a gun and positioned his other hand behind his back. The victim did not see a gun but believed the male to be armed.

The victim was able to dial her parents on the phone and she began honking the car horn and screaming for help. The male ran back to his car and fled the area when the victim's parents came out of the home. The family called 911 and relayed the information to Cape Police Dispatchers.

Within minutes, officers were in the area searching for the suspect. Officers located the vehicle driving erratically on Cape Coral Parkway. The driver attempted to evade police but was stopped over the Cape Coral Bridge near Camelot Drive. Officers detained the driver, Brent Gerenda, and had the victim transported to the scene of the traffic stop. The victim positively identified Gerenda as the suspect who tried to rob her at her home.

Brent Gerenda was arrested on burglary w/battery charges and transported to the Lee County Jail. No gun was located on Gerenda or in his car.

"This was outstanding old-fashioned police work tonight. A quick 911 call followed by equally quick action by our officers took a violent criminal off of our streets. Cape Coral is safer now that this guy is behind bars"-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.


Brent Timothy Gerenda 10/09/72

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