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Cape Coral Narcotics Detectives Arrest Suspect for Heroin Sales


(August 9, 2012)- Cape Coral Detectives have arrested Christopher Mark Brothers of 2549 Shelby Parkway on charges of Heroin Sales and Possession of a Controlled Substance w/o Prescription. Detectives have been investigating possible drug sales at this location for the past two months.

Undercover Detectives purchased narcotics from Brothers on several occasions during that time. Christopher Brothers was placed under arrest by Detectives after a search warrant was conducted at his home on Wednesday August 8th at approximately 7pm. Brothers was taken into custody without incident and taken to the Lee County Jail.

On the evening of Tuesday August 6th Christopher Brothers was the victim of a robbery at his home in which two unknown suspects knocked on the door, forced their way in and robbed him of $500 cash.

“This was a significant arrest for our Narcotics Unit, just ask the residents of that neighborhood. The events of Tuesday night highlight the dangers these activities pose in peaceful residential neighborhoods. Often times we hear stories of suspects robbing the wrong house and innocent people are hurt or worse. This activity can attract gunfire and more innocent people can be hurt or killed. It is for these reasons why the Cape Coral Police Department conducts narcotics investigations and will continue to do so”-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.




Christopher Mark Brothers 02/16/62

2549 Shelby Parkway

Cape Coral, FL 33904