DATE: September 22, 2012
TIME: 10:13 am
LOCATION: Beach Parkway West and Surfside Boulevard
CASE NUMBER: 12-016370

VEHICLE 1: Black 2010 Toyota 4 door car.

DRIVER 1: Alexie Rai Krill, W/F, 24, of Cape Coral, Florida.

DRIVER 1 INJURIES: Frill died on scene due to injuries suffered in the traffic crash.

SYNOPSIS: At 10:13 am,a caller walking in the area contacted CCPD in reference to tire scuff marks at the intersection of Beach Parkway West and Surfside Boulevard with trees/brush on the west side of the intersection (canal embankment) being disturbed. CCPD responded and found that a vehicle had left the roadway. The following was determined:

Vehicle 1 was traveling West on Beach Parkway approaching the intersection of Surfside Boulevard. Based on roadway evidence, Vehicle 1 ran the posted stop sign and continued driving West through the intersection. Vehicle 1 drove off the West edge of the roadway and off a canal embankment. Vehicle 1 then entered into a canal. During the traffic crash the driver of Vehicle 1 was not able to exit the vehicle and drowned.

Due to injuries involved in the traffic crash, Traffic Homicide Investigator Satterlee responded. At 2:00 pm, the next-of-kin was notified with the assistance of the Community Outreach Coordinators and Investigative Services Bureau.

Case pending Traffic Homicide Investigation.