PHOTO:  ARRESTED:  Keylon A. Barrett, B/M, 06-25-1995, of 726 Winser Estates, Davenport FL 33830.  Photo Courtesy of  Lee County Sheriff's Office)

PHOTO:  ARRESTED:  Keylon A. Barrett, B/M, 06-25-1995, of 726 Winser Estates, Davenport FL 33830.

Photo Courtesy of Lee County Sheriff's Office)

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DNA Leads Cape Coral Police to Burglary Suspect


(November 22, 2013)-  On September 24, 2013 at around 8:00 AM, Cape Coral Police Department responded to 810 SE 10th Ct. The united Cerebral Palsy Center, on a past-occurred burglary.

In the overnight hours, an unknown subject broke into the business, causing extensive damage to three interior doors, one exterior window, blinds, a safe, flooring, the cash register, two lamps, and a fish tank. Also stolen was $150 in US currency.

There were no witnesses, or suspects in this case, but there was forensic evidence and that made all the difference.  Dried blood was located in the front office area on papers and on a bent metal lock box.  It appeared that the suspect cut their hand while attempting to open the metal box.  An envelope containing the dried blood was secured and was later placed into evidence for testing.

Cape Coral Police Department Forensics sent the envelope to FDLE for analysis.  According to the FDLE report, during a search of CODIS, a match occurred between this case and an FMPD case #2013-09159 (sexual assault). The report indicated that the same DNA profile was found in both cases. A buccal swab from Keylon Barrett DOB: 06/25/95, obtained by FMPD Detectives, was matched to foreign DNA obtained from the FMPD case.



"CODIS is a computer software program that operates local, State, and national databases of DNA profiles from convicted offenders, unsolved crime scene evidence, and missing persons. Every State in the Nation has a statutory provision for the establishment of a DNA database that allows for the collection of DNA profiles from offenders convicted of particular crimes. CODIS software enables State, local, and national law enforcement crime laboratories to compare DNA profiles electronically, thereby linking serial crimes to each other and identifying suspects by matching DNA profiles from crime scenes with profiles from convicted offenders."


A follow-up report was done by FDLE and on November 16, 2013, the laboratory report read that the frequency of occurrence of the DNA profile obtained from the envelope for someone other than Keylon Barrett would be approximately 1 in 8.2 sextillion.

Barrett was interviewed by Cape Coral Police Detectives at Lee County Jail.  He denied involvement, stating that he had not been to Cape Coral in almost 2 years.  When confronted about his blood at the crime scene, he declined to speak to Detectives any further. 

Barrett is currently incarcerated at the Lee County Jail on unrelated charges.  Cape Detectives charged Barrett while he is incarcerated at Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED:  Keylon A. Barrett, B/M, 06-25-1995, of 726 Winser Estates, Davenport FL 33830.

CHARGES:  Burglary (causing damage in excess of $1,000) and Petit Theft