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Cape Coral Police Offer Some Safe Shopping Tips


(November 28, 2013)-  We know that after the table is cleared and the turkey-induced naps are over, many people will be gearing up for Black Friday shopping.  The Cape Coral Police Department wanted to offer this "Top Ten" list of safety tips for our "retail warriors" out there.

1.  Plan your shopping trips in advance.  Know where you are going and shop with a purpose.

2.  Park in well lit areas.

3.  Shop with a friend.  Two sets of eyes are better than one.

4.  Secure holiday shopping goods in your trunk, out of sight.  Vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity.  Most burglars will hit the easy targets.  Don't be an easy target by displaying all of your holiday goodies.

5.  LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS.  Again, don't be an easy target.  Most vehicle burglars will go for the unlocked car over the locked one.  In fact, 90% of vehicle burglaries in Cape Coral are from unlocked cars.

6.  If carrying a purse, wear it with the strap across your body, not over your one shoulder.  Keep pockets secured and closed.  DO NOT put your purse in your shopping cart.

7.  Limit public display of cash. Use credit/debit/gift cards if possible. Showing off all your "Benjamins" might be good for rap stars, but it is not good for you.  It advertises to criminals that you have something they want.

8.  Enjoy shopping, but practice situational awareness.  Don't get so focused on getting that deal that you are unaware of what's going on around you.

9.  If shopping at night, have your keys in your hand and items ready to be stowed as you head to your car.  If possible, don't walk to your car alone.  Many shopping centers or stores have security personnel who will escort you.  Take advantage of this service, if offered.

10.  If you see something out of the ordinary, immediately notify store personnel.  If everyone does this, we will ALL be safer while shopping this holiday season.