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Medical Examiner Rules Death Crash-Related; Cape Coral Police Investigating


(December 13, 2013)- 

Today, December 13, 2013 at 2:00 pm, Cape Coral Police Department Traffic Homicide Investigator was notified by the Lee County Medical Examiner’s Office that the driver from a December 2nd traffic crash died, and that the cause of death may be related to injuries sustained in the crash. 

An autopsy was preformed and the ruling is that the driver died due to an aneurism that may have been caused by the traffic crash.  At the time of the traffic crash, the driver was not trauma alerted, and was conscious and spoke to investigating officers.  At Lee Memorial Hospital, the driver was later sent to the operating room, where he expired.

Due to the fact that the Medical Examiner ruling is that the death is traffic crash related, a delayed Traffic Homicide Investigation is being initiated.  This case does not appear to be alcohol/drug related.  This traffic crash is a single vehicle, single occupant traffic crash.

Please see the crash synopsis below:


DATE: December 2, 2013
TIME: 10:50 am
CR: 13-018929
LOCATION: 2100 Del Prado Boulevard South


VEHICLE 1: 2005 Nissan Altima car, Florida tag #IAB390.
DRIVER 1: Robert H. Gussman, W/M, 10/23/1925, 1004 SW 33 Street, Cape Coral, Florida 33914.
DRIVER 1 INJURIES: Gussman died at Lee Memorial Hospital due to injuries suffered in the traffic crash.


Vehicle 1 was southbound on Del Prado Boulevard in the 2100 block South.  Vehicle 1 veered to the right and struck the curb and then veered left.  Vehicle 1 crossed over the raised median and drove South in the North lanes.  Vehicle 1 veered back to the right and drove back onto the median where he struck a tree.

On scene, the driver of Vehicle 1 was conscious and appeared that he may have suffered a medical problem which caused the traffic crash.  The driver of Vehicle 1 was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital where investigating officers made contact with him.  The driver of Vehicle 1 was alert and answered questions.

On December 13, 2013, the Medical Examiner’s Office advised that the driver of Vehicle 1 died on December 2 in the operating room after officers left the hospital.  Medical Examiner results showed that the driver died due to an aneurysm which may have been caused by the traffic crash, thus ruling a Traffic Homicide Investigation.

Alcohol/drugs ARE NOT a factor in this traffic crash.  A Traffic Homicide Investigation is being started.

***There are 17 traffic fatalities in our city in 2013. (There are 2 fatalities that are ruled "medical" and the cause of death is not related to injuries in the traffic crash. These 2 "medical" fatalities are not included in the number of 16 traffic fatalities).***


Breakdown of the past 5 years:

2013= 17 Traffic fatalities (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical ruled deaths)

2012= 10 Traffic fatalities

2011= 11 Traffic fatalities (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical and 1 suicide ruled deaths)

2010= 9 Traffic fatalities

2009= 8 Traffic fatalities (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 1 medical ruled death)