PHOTO: Finalist graphic.  (Photo Courtesy of )

PHOTO: Finalist graphic.  (Photo Courtesy of

Cape Coral Police Department

Public Affairs Office

1100 Cultural Park Blvd

Cape Coral, FL 33990


Cape Coral Police Department a Finalist for International Award

For Social Media in Law Enforcement

(August 12, 2013)- The Cape Coral Police Department has been notified that they are a finalist for the '2013 Excellence at a Large Agency' award presented by

This award is given to a law enforcement agency, anywhere in the world, of 151 sworn officers or more that has demonstrated overall excellence in the use of social media to enhance its services to the public. The agency exhibits leadership, creativity and innovation in its use of social media to engage, educate, recruit, and etc. The agency has a broad and deep understanding of social media use and applies sound governance and strategy in its social media operations. The agency also promotes the use of social networking in law enforcement through its outreach to colleagues and by mentoring others.

The Cape Coral Police Department is the only law enforcement agency from the United States that is a finalist. The other agencies are the Reykjavik Police, Iceland and the Saanich Police, British Columbia, Canada. The winner will be announced at the September 25th SMILE (Social Media In Law Enforcement) Conference in Omaha, NE. is an organization dedicated to providing law enforcement agencies across the globe with resources and information in the realm of social media.

"Congratulations on being recognized by your peers in law enforcement social media arenas.  Being the sole U.S. law enforcement agency nominated speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication you have put forth to make this a success.

Looking back on where we were before we began this journey and comparing it to our position in the community today and I can say without reservation that the social media platform you designed for this agency has produced exceptional results.  The immediacy by which we share important information with our residents and members of the media and in turn the relationships and trust that have developed with them has been instrumental in us regaining the trust and full support of the community.

Your effort in ensuring we achieve our Community Governance desired outcomes has been instrumental in this area and for that I thank you on behalf of every member of this community"- Jay Murphy, Chief of Police.

For more on the award, and please visit the link provided.