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Cape Coral Police SWAT Team Stands Out at Regional Competition

(September 16, 2013)- On Saturday, September 14, 2013 the Cape Coral Police Department SWAT team competed in the 11th annual Region 6 SWAT competition in Sarasota.  The competition consisted of three (3) shooting events/scenarios  which ranged from High Risk Warrant Service, Downed Officer and Hostage Rescue.  The 4th event consisted of an extremely difficult obstacle course, a one mile run throughout heavy mud, swim and a zip line.  15 teams from the Naples to Sarasota region competed and the top 3 were (1) Sarasota Sheriff's Office, (2) Manatee Sheriff's Office and (3) Cape Coral Police Department.

The Cape Coral Police Department's SWAT Team is considered a part-time team, meaning that its members have other full-time duties within the Police Department. The top two finishers are considered full-time SWAT Teams, meaning that SWAT is their primary function at their respective departments.

"Being the only part-time team to finish in the top three is a great achievement and shows that the Cape Coral SWAT team is completely dedicated to be the best. Cape SWAT improved their times on all events compared to last year and were able to compete with the best in the business.  This shows the amount of ability and professionalism that this team carries with them on a daily basis"-Sergeant Carlos Mena, SWAT Team Leader.