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Cape Coral Police Make Arrest in Home Invasion Robbery

(September 25, 2013)- On Wednesday 9/25/13 at approximately 12:35am CCPD received a 9-1-1 call regarding a home invasion robbery that just occurred at 503 SE 12th Court, Cape Coral, Lee County, FL.  The caller said two (2) masked suspects entered the house armed with shotguns and demanded money, cell phones and drugs.  The suspects were described as a W/M and a W/F, each armed with a shotgun.  Two (2) victims (male and female) were in one bedroom when the suspects entered, and were held at gun point while begging not to be hurt.  The suspects demanded cell phones, and one victim gave his cell phone to the male suspect.  The male suspect threw the phone down on the ground, smashing it.  The male suspect then stole money from a wallet and a bottle of prescription drugs.  The male suspect exited the bedroom and found two (2) other residents (two males) on the other side of the house and ordered them to sit on the couch while pointing his shotgun at them.  The suspect demanded money and drugs, but neither of those victims had anything to give.

One victim was able to run out of the house, seeking assistance.  As he ran down the street, he saw a white truck parked in the street turn on its lights and engine and drive towards him.  Fearful that there were more suspects, he ran around his house.

After the victim fled out of the house, the armed male suspect yelled to his female accomplice that they needed to go, and she emerged from the bedroom where she'd kept the female victim at gunpoint.  Both suspects then ran out of the front door.  The victims heard a loud truck motor circling the area while waiting for police to arrive.  All four (4) victims said they feared for their life and wanted to pursue charges against the suspects.  The victims gave detailed descriptions of the suspects' attire and physical attributes that were visible.

While enroute to the initial 9-1-1 call and BOLO-ing the area for the suspect's white pick-up truck, CCPD officers located a white Dodge pickup at a nearby intersection, occupied by multiple people and noticed the driver look directly at him and appear nervous.  The truck accelerated and as the officer turned to follow it, it sped off, trying to elude the officer.  A final stop was made and six (6) occupants immediately exited and began walking away.  Officers were able to detain all six (6), and two (2) shotguns were in plain view in the back seat of the truck.  The driver was identified as David Gubanich II.  The other occupants were identified as William Pope, Candice Jones, Robert Sanders, Shannon O'Toole, and Alexander Lacy.

Show-ups with all four (4) victims were conducted independently of each other at the scene of the traffic stop and each victim positively identified William Pope (W/M 8/2/90) as the male suspect that held each of them at gunpoint and robbed one of them.  Each victim also positively identified Candice Jones (W/F 12/13/86) as the female suspect that was armed with a shotgun in the home and that held the female victim at gunpoint.

Probable cause existed for the arrests of the following suspects for the following charges: * William Pope - Home Invasion Robbery * Candice Jones - Home Invasion Robbery and Carrying    Concealed Weapon * David Gubanich II - Principal to Home Invasion Robbery * Robert Sanders - Principal to Home Invasion Robbery * Shannon O'Toole - Principal to Home Invasion Robbery * Alexander Lacy - Principal to Home Invasion Robbery

Each suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Additional charge of CCW was levied against Jones, as she had a US Army issued K-Bar Combat Knife (7" fixed blade with an overall length of just under 12") on her person inside her combat boots.

"Fortunately Officers of the 3rd Platoon were able to locate these suspects within minutes of  this unbelievable crime. Our Major Crimes Detectives were then able to make arrests on these individuals and get these violent criminals off of our streets. There's simply no place for this type of activity here in Cape Coral"-Lieutenant Tony Sizemore.