PHOTO:  Do the Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

PHOTO:  Do the Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

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Do The Right Thing for January 2014

(January 13, 2014)-  The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for January 2014 will be held on Wednesday, January 15th at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing.”  The guest speaker will be Officer Kelvin Thompkins.

Twelve Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.



Christopher Perez - 6 Grade, Caloosa Middle 

Christopher’s neighbor has Multiple Sclerosis and finds it difficult to do many tasks which needs to be done around the house.  Christopher helps her in many different ways.  He removed about 400 pounds of trash that was a result of a remodeled bathroom which took several weeks to accomplish as well as assisted in the painting of the bathroom. He has taken out his neighbor’s trash and recyclables every week since she has known him.  He has raked her yard, helped put a fire pit together and even helped his neighbor grow a vegetable garden.  When he saw that her van needed cleaning, he cleaned it so that his neighbor could load her scooter onto the vehicle.  Christopher has gone to the store to assist with heavy items and helped her carry them and put them away when they got home.  He assisted her in gathering old clothes and unloading the boxes for donations at the Thrift Store.   This young man even makes time to go over often to check on his neighbor to make sure she’s safe and well.  He even spends time with her so that she doesn’t feel alone.

He raises money for Multiple Sclerosis to give to one of the MS charities.  He organized a campaign last year selling pencils, pencil grips, and bracelets.  He made posters and organized some students to collect funds from the other grade levels at his elementary school.  Christopher still goes to the elementary school in the morning once a week before his middle school starts to collect the funds from the students.  Christopher is a remarkable young man.


Jayden Zeller -6th Grade, Oasis Middle

Jaden set up a Lemonade and cookie stand in her neighborhood and collected donations. She set up the stand when she saw that a local home was having an Estate sale and she realized the increased traffic would mean increased donations. She manned the stand and in the end she had collected over $30.00 for the Harry Chapin food bank. 


Wilbert Cerna – 5th Grade, Cape Elementary
Dyanette Cerna- 3rd Grade

Wilbert and his sister Dyanette Cerna were inside their home when their mother was cooking dinner. During the course of cooking dinner, the kitchen stove began smoking. As their mother was tending to the smoke, the kitchen stove caught on fire. Their mother began to panic and was now unable to control the fire.  Without hesitation Wilbert dialed 911 on his own for assistance. Both the Police and Fire Department responded in time and the fire was put out without incident. Without Wilbert and Dynatte’s action, the house could have been a total loss.  These two children’s action speaks for itself. 


Victoria Errett -8th Grade, Challenger Middle

Victoria is a wonderful person who cares about her peers. During lunch one day in the cafeteria, Victoria noticed another student eating french fries. Suddenly his face got red, his eyes became bloodshot and he appeared to be choking. The other students believed that he was playing and laughed. Victoria could see that he was not. She jumped up and began to pound on his back. This did not work. She picked him up and proceeded to give him the Heimlich maneuver. The french fry flew out of Alex's mouth. Victoria gave Alex her water and told the closest teacher about what had happened. Alex may have choked if it were not for Victoria's quick actions. 


Ryan Lineberger -7th Grade, Challenger Middle

A student passed out in school one day and Ryan was right there ready to help and responded immediately when asked to call the office. The EMT's arrived and the student needed to go to the hospital. While the teacher was taking care of the student, Ryan was cool, calm, and collected and handled himself very well. He helped other students to also respond appropriately. He stayed calm, followed directions without question, and showed true leadership.  


Noel Belliveau    -7th Grade, Challenger Middle 

Noel is an extraordinary child and strives to be a good role model and friend to all the students in his class.  He has spent countless hours working with Mr. Bordeaux collecting money for Kristy’s Kids; this is a program where students donate their own money to purchase gifts for other children at Christmas.  Noel volunteers his time checking books, organizing shelves, running errands, wash tables, stack and clean up after other students in the cafeteria.  Noel has taken over caring for another student who others find it difficult to be around.  He calm the child down when the child is upset, tries to get him to do his work and encourages the boy to make good choices.  Noel demonstrates kindness, patience and compassion.


Jahiem Lovett- 4th Grade, Skyline Elementary

Jahiem is a true leader.  While eating lunch with his friends in the cafeteria, Jahiem realized that there was a boy with autism, who always sits by himself during lunchtime.  Jahiem asked the child if he would like to join him for lunch.   The student eagerly came over and they had a great time together.  The very next day, Jahiem asked me if he could go to the school holiday shop so he could purchase a gift for the student.  After shopping around he became overwhelmed with guilt because he imagined his new friend’s classmates watching him as he was opening his present and Jahiem didn’t want them feeling left out.  Jahiem decided that he was going to buy everyone of the four students in that classroom a special gift.  That is exactly what he did.  I hope we can all learn something from Jahiem.


Dylan Baker-1st Grade, Skyline Elementary

Dylan knew that his next door neighbor was a paramedic so when he saw his dad not responding he grabbed the phone and ran to the neighbor’s house to get help.   It turned out that Dylan’s father was having a massive stroke and had it not been for his son’s quick thinking, he would not be alive today.


Hadan Baker-6th Grade, Gulf Middle

Hadan was at lunch and heard two boys making fun of another boy.  She called the teacher over to report it and when the two boys denied it; she stood up for the “target” and said, “yes you did”.  Hadan did the right thing by standing up for a fellow student and standing up to the two boys making the mean comments.  


Cason Humble-3rd Grade, Caloosa Elementary

Cason noticed during lunchtime, that his friend sitting across from him was doing the “universal sign for chocking”.  He hopped up from the table, went around behind the other student and performed the Heimlich maneuver, which he learned from this grandfather.  Out popped a tomato!  Scotty may have choked if it were not for Caron’s quick actions. 


Scotty Welsh-3rd Grade, Caloosa Elementary

Scotty had been choking on a tomato at lunch.  While his friend leaped up to assist him (performing the Heimlich and dislodging the stuck tomato), Scotty, maturely and clearly articulated to the teacher exactly what had happened and how his friend saved him.