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“I am honored and humbled to be appointed Cape Coral’s Police Chief.  I have been here for over 25 years and consider the department my home.  I am especially proud to work among some of the brightest and dedicated professionals I have ever known.  In fact, I would not be in the position I am today without the guidance and support of many of my current and former co-workers.     

The future of the organization does not lie only with the Chief.  All members of the agency must come together as a team to make us the best we can be.  Therefore, I have and will continue to seek input from all personnel on the direction of the department.  Right now we have a premier organization with a solid record, but we can always do better.  

I also intend to be visible in the community and meet with our citizens to hear their concerns.  I want to be accessible to people, hear their issues face to face, and work on solutions together.  We have several ideas to accomplish this, that we will be presenting in the near future.   

The Cape Coral Police Department is one of the best law enforcement agencies in the country.  Not for the equipment, building, or weapons carried, but for the professionalism and dedication of its members. We will continue to grow as an agency to better serve you and make our city a safer community.

As we continue to place emphasis on our engagement initiatives in strengthening our community partnerships, our commitment to a relentless pursuit of justice remains strong.”- Bart Connelly, Chief of Police