(November 11, 2014)-  Yesterday around 2:00 PM, Cape Coral Police responded to a serious injury crash involving a car and a bicycle in the 900 block of Burnt Store Rd. North.

Investigation revealed that the bicycle struck the car as the car was passing the bicyclist, ejecting the bicyclist from his bicycle.  The bicyclist sustained life threatening injuries.  Cape Coral Police Department Crash Investigators and Forensics personnel responded to the scene.

The bicyclist was transported to a local hospital and was later airlifted to Tampa General Hospital for additional treatment.

Major Crash Investigator's initial synopsis is below:

DATE: November 10, 2014
TIME: 1:57pm
LOCATION: 900 block of Burnt Store Rd. North
CR#: 14-017954

VEHICLE 1 (V-1): 2015 Chevrolet Impala.
DRIVER 1 (D-1): David Negron Jr, DOB: 01/26/1963 of Lexington, SC. 38171
DRIVER 1 INJURIES: Negron was not injured during the traffic crash.

BICYCLE 1 (B-1): Blue and White BMX style bicycle.
PEDESTRIAN 1 (P-1): Bradley S. Williams, 13, of Cape Coral.
PEDESTRIAN 1 INJURIES: Williams suffered serious bodily injuries and was transported to the Lee Memorial Hospital. He was later air lifted to Tampa General Hospital for further evaluation.

SYNOPSIS: B-1 was traveling Southbound in the South lane on CR 765 (Burnt Store Rd.  N.) at the 900 block.    V-1 was also traveling Southbound on CR 765 (Burnt Store Rd. N.) just behind B-1. The operator (P-1) of B-1 was traveling 2 1/2 feet away from the solid white line on the West side of the road.

While B-1 was traveling, V-1 attempted to pass B-1. As V-1 was passing B-1, B-1 suddenly swerved into the middle of the road and the left pedal of B-1, struck the front right side of V-1.  P-1 was then ejected from B-1 and struck the hood and windshield of V-1. After striking V-1, P-1 then fell and struck the road, sliding to final rest in the middle of the South lane. As P-1 struck V-1, B-1 also fell to its left side, striking the road and sliding to its final rest in the middle of the South lane. After the collision, the driver of V-1 stopped V-1, made a u-turn and parked V-1 on the East side of the road near P-1`s final rest.

LCEMS treated P-1 on the scene and later transported P-1 to Lee Memorial Hospital for further evaluation. P-1 was later airlifted to Tampa General Hospital for further evaluation and is listed in critical condition.   Due to P-1’s injury and the severity of the traffic crash, MCI Green along with Forensics responded and VA Seymour responded to the scene.  Then next-of-kin for P-1 has been notified.

At this time, the case is pending further investigation. This crash is NOT alcohol or drug related.


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