(November 20, 2014)-  Cape Coral Police are investigating a serious injury crash that happened last night at the intersection of Chiquita Boulevard and Embers Parkway.  The crash, involving a motorcycle and a car, sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries.  Because of the serious injuries sustained in the crash, Cape Coral Police Major Crash Investigators and Forensics Personnel responded to the scene.

The preliminary synopsis of the Major Crash Investigator is below:

DATE: November 19, 2014
TIME: 8:15 pm
LOCATION: Intersection of Chiquita Boulevard and Embers Parkway West
CR#: 14-018508
ASSIGNED MCI: M/Cpl. Satterlee

VEHICLE 1 (V-1): Blue/White 2005 Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle.
DRIVER 1 (D-1): Andrew Joseph Gesell, W/M, 3-26-89, of Cape Coral, Florida.
DRIVER 1 INJURIES: Gesell suffered serious non-life threatening injuries in the traffic crash.

VEHICLE 2 (V-2): Blue 2005 Toyota Corolla.
DRIVER 2 (D-2): Adam Chiappardi, W/M, 9-2-70, of Cape Coral, Florida.
DRIVER 2 INJURIES: Chiappardi suffered minor injuries in the traffic crash.
PASSENGER: Marlayna Gordon, W/F, 10-25-81, of Cape Coral, Florida.
PASSENGER INJURIES: Gordon suffered life threatening injuries in the traffic crash.

SYNOPSIS: V-1, a motorcycle, was traveling South on Chiquita Boulevard approaching the four way stop sign at the intersection of Embers Parkway West.  V-2 was stopped on Embers Parkway, facing West at the intersection.

According to witnesses, V-1 was traveling approximately 80-100 mph (posted 45 mph zone) as it approached the intersection.  As V-2 was crossing the intersection, V-1 began to skid and the motorcycle was laid down on its right side prior to the stop sign.  V-1 then entered into the intersection and struck the passenger side of V-2.  V-2 was forced to the Southwest and came to final rest on Embers Parkway facing East in the inside East lane.  V-2 came to rest at the area of impact.  Just prior to impact, the driver of V-1 was forced off of the left side of the motorcycle and began to slide/tumble in the roadway.  The driver of V-1 came to a stop in the North lanes of Chiquita Boulevard on the South side of the intersection, 200 feet away from when he first came off of the motorcycle.  During impact, the passenger side of V-2 was forced inward approximately one and a half feet into the front passenger.

The driver of V-1 and passenger of V-2 were trauma alerted to a local hospital by ambulance.  The driver of V-2 suffered minor injuries and was also transported to a local hospital.  The driver of V-1 suffered multiple broken bones and severe road rash and is listed in stable condition.  The passenger of V-2 is listed in critical but stable condition and is in the ICU with injuries to her pelvis and right leg.

Due to injuries MCI Satterlee and Forensics Buckner responded.  This traffic crash IS NOT alcohol/drug related.  Due to the nature of traffic crash, criminal charges are pending.  The next of kin of all involved have been notified.

PHOTO:  Aerial Photo of the intersection of Chiquita Boulevard and Embers Parkway.  (Photo Courtesy of Apple)

PHOTO:  Aerial Photo of the intersection of Chiquita Boulevard and Embers Parkway.  (Photo Courtesy of Apple)


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