(November 24, 2014)- The Cape Coral Police Department is proud to announce that it has received its seventh accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

The CALEA Commission's review of the assessor's report and presentation of the certificate of accreditation occurred in Albuquerque, NM on Saturday, November 22, 2014.  Chief Bart Connelly, Commander Kristie Van Houten, and Accreditation Manager Paula Fox were in attendance.

Mr. Marcus Brown, the Colonel-Superintendent of the Maryland State Police and CALEA Commissioner who reviewed the Cape Coral Police Department had high praise of the Department and recognized its professionalism, commitment to the community, and volunteer program.

“I could not be more proud of the fine men and women of the Cape Coral Police Department and our accreditation team who have, once again, demonstrated their commitment to excellence.  The Cape Coral Police Department maintains a commitment to excellence and our community which is reflected in the fantastic work our men and women do every day.  That exceptional work has, once again, been recognized by the Commission who bestowed on the Cape Coral Police Department our seventh accreditation since 1989 and our fourth Accreditation with Excellence.”- Bart Connelly, Chief of Police.

In order to receive accreditation, a law enforcement agency must demonstrate compliance with over 485 standards.  To maintain that accreditation, and agency is reviewed by CALEA every three years.  Most recently, on July 26, 2014 the Cape Coral Police Department Communications received a separate accreditation from CALEA which encompasses 212 communications-specific standards with which the Communications Section must comply.

The Cape Coral Police Department also received the CALEA Excellence Award.  To receive "Accreditation with Excellence" an agency must meet even higher standards put forth by CALEA including:

  • Must have a minimum of two previous consecutive CALEA Accreditation awards. 
  • Must not have conditions or noncompliance issues resulting from the current or last assessment.
  • Current assessment must have been conducted under the CALEA® Gold Standard Assessment model.
  • At the time of the current assessment, the agency must be in compliance with 90 percent of all applicable other-than-mandatory standards.    
  • Current Assessment Report must have limited file maintenance and not more than two applied discretion issues.
  • Must not be operating under any active Federal Consent Decree or Memorandum of Understanding, or state-level complementary action.   
  • Must not currently be affected by issues that detract from the overall tenets or goals of CALEA Accreditation.
  • Must receive a unanimous recommendation of support from the assigned CALEA Review Committee.

The Cape Coral Police Department has been nationally accredited by CALEA since 1989.  This is the seventh accreditation for the Department and the fourth time the Department has received the Excellence Award.

PHOTO:  CALEA Seal.  (Photo Courtesy of   CALEA  )

PHOTO:  CALEA Seal.  (Photo Courtesy of CALEA)


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