(November 26, 2014)-  Yesterday, the Cape Coral Police Department conducted a traffic saturation as part of our Click It Or Ticket campaign from noon to 8:00 PM.  Here are the results:


Kennier DeJesus Velazquez (W/M 01-30-98)
229 SE 14th Ter
No Motorcycle Endorsement: 14-018821

Ofc. McClurg: 2412 Santa Barbara Blvd S.
Velazquez was stopped for the tag to his motorcycle being intentionally bent to the point that it was unable to be read.  After the traffic stop a routine check revealed that he did not have a motorcycle endorsement.  He was then arrested.

Jean Carloe Pitre Valle (W/M 05-02-97)
1115 NE Pine Island Ln   
No Motorcycle Endorsement: 14-018823
Ofc. Schilke: 14-015118

While Kennier Velazquez was stopped, Pitre Valle was stopped with him.  A routine check of Pitre Valle’s DL revealed that he too, did not have a motorcycle endorsement and should not have been driving a motorcycle.

Adam Scott McNear
117 SE 44th Ter
DWLSR Knowingly
Ofc. Schilke: 14-018807

McNear was stopped for not wearing his seatbelt.  A routine check of his driver’s license revealed that he had 4 suspensions.

Also, the Following Citations/Warnings were issued:

Criminal:  4
Nonmoving:  5
Seatbelt:  7             
Speed:  7       
Warnings:  7

PHOTO:  Click It or Ticket Florida logo.  (Photo Courtesy of FDOT)

PHOTO:  Click It or Ticket Florida logo.  (Photo Courtesy of FDOT)


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