PHOTO:  Do The Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

PHOTO:  Do The Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

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Do The Right Thing for March 2014

(February 13, 2014)-  The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for March 2014 will be held on Wednesday, March 12th at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing.” 

Eight Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.


Caloosa Middle School

Courtney Hennes – 8th Grade
Bjorn Tangedahl – 8th Grade            
Michael Mills – 8th Grade        
Matthew Kynett – 8th Grade        

Four students from Caloosa Middle, were walking home from school on Viscaya.  All of a sudden, two vehicles collided in front of them.  One vehicle, a green Toyota SUV, rolled over and ended up on its roof.  Without thinking of their safety, all four students rushed to the overturned vehicle and pulled out the driver of the vehicle and escorted her to a safe location.  Once away from the overturned vehicle, the four students waited with the driver until emergency personnel arrived.  The actions of these Caloosa Middle School students bring great credit upon themselves, Caloosa Middle School and their families. We thank these young students for their altruism and heroic efforts.


Oasis Charter Elementary

Eric Feichthaler Jr.-3rd Grade

Eric wanted to do something nice for Mrs. Gamboa, the school librarian at Oasis Elementary since she puts in countless extra hours sponsoring special reading nights and contests for his school.  Eric  decided that he was going to set up a hot chocolate & Gatorade stand during Cape Coal Tour De Cape to raise money for his school library.  Eric thought he could appeal to thirsty bikers.  He enlisted his dad to lend him the start up money to buy hot chocolate packets, since the weather was an abnormal chilly 40 degrees and Gatorade.  With 300 bottles of Gatorade and hot chocolate in toe, a tent to keep the sun away, colorful signs to attract customers and his brother and sister assistance, Eric was on his way.   After a long 8 hours,  and tips from customers who enjoyed his enthusiasm, Eric counted up the cash and presented his profits to Mrs. Gamboa the next day.  Eric showed amazing initiative and generosity devoting most of his Sunday and several hours on Saturday executing a plan to raise money for his school library.  Eric’s donation went to the Oasis Charter Elementary School Library for the purchase of books for all students to read and borrow.  We thank Eric for his kindness, compassion and generosity.


Cape Elementary

Mason Whiteside-Apicella- 3rd Grade

Mason is a third grade student at Cape Elementary School. His teacher says that Mason is very kind and caring to his classmates. He is helpful, completes his work on time, and is a very hard worker. Mason did the right thing when a check written out to a teacher in another grade level fell out of her purse. The teacher did not know that the check was not in her possession. Mason found the check while walking on campus. Instead of ignoring the piece of paper on the ground, Mason picked it up. When he realized that it was a check, instead of keeping it or throwing it away, he presented it to an adult at the school and the check was returned to the kindergarten teacher, Ms. Menzel who was very glad to have the check returned.  We thank Mason for his    integrity and honesty.


Challenger Middle

Sydney Mixon    -8th Grade

Sydney Mixon, an 8th grader from Challenger Middle took it upon herself to let her mother know what was happening at Challenger Middle regarding the Kristy’s Kids Program. This is a program where students contribute money to help needy children to receive Christmas presents. It is like a giving tree with students and their family's names on the tree. Staff members purchase items for the selected child. In the cafeteria students participate by providing additional money to purchase items.  Sydney knew that her mother worked for a retail store and donated 1 huge box and 1 huge bag of gifts for the children in our community.  These were able to be given to specific children in need. We thank Sydney for demonstrating kindness, generosity and compassion. 


Danielle Wielzen-7th Grade

Danielle is the perfect example of consistently doing the right thing. She has social ethics and continues to serve others. Danielle picks up litter around her neighborhood, in Four Freedoms Park, at the Yacht Club and at the beaches. She does this when and where she sees trash. Danielle helps her elderly neighbors with daily chores. When she sees something that needs doing, she does not need to be asked. She just does it. She washes the outside of an elderly neighbor's house every other week. She also picks fruit and vegetables from neighbor's gardens for them.  Danielle participates in a church community. She writes letters to specific church family members who are in the military. This is most often done during holiday times. Danielle makes cards for people in the military or hospital. She works on community campaigns and has previously volunteered at an animal shelter. She contributes money to bucket campaigns when people are in need. She has purchased teddy bears and get-well cards for people in the hospital. She is continuously helping others.  We thank Danielle for her good character, dedication and commitment to her community.