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PHOTO:  ARRESTED:  Mark Allen Wiseman, W/M, DOB: 06-24-1979, of 520 Hancock Bridge Parkway East.  (Photo Courtesy of  LCSO )

PHOTO:  ARRESTED:  Mark Allen Wiseman, W/M, DOB: 06-24-1979, of 520 Hancock Bridge Parkway East.  (Photo Courtesy of LCSO)

Cape Coral Police Arrest Registered Sex Offender
For Attempting to Lure a Child Into His Vehicle


(April 4, 2014)-  Cape Coral Police Officers and Detectives have arrested a man who is a registered sex offender for interference with custody of a minor after he attempted to lure a young girl into his vehicle.

On April 3, 2014, officers responded to a complaint that while walking to her bus stop on NE Van Loon Lane, a juvenile was approached by a W/M driving a blue-green vehicle with shiny wheels who tried to convince her to get in his car for a ride.  When she refused, the W/M drove by slowly, then made a U-turn and slowed down as the vehicle began to pass her.  The juvenile female ran away from the vehicle to a family friend, and witness, nearby.

Both the juvenile and the witness described the vehicle to officers.  The juvenile also provided a description of the driver.  The witness believed the vehicle belonged to someone who lived in the area.  Officers found a vehicle matching the description at 520 Hancock Bridge Parkway E. and made contact with the resident there, Mark Allen Wiseman.  Wiseman matched the description provided to officers by the juvenile.

Investigation revealed that Wiseman is a registered sex offender.  Wiseman provided a Post-Miranda statement to detectives that he was the registered owner and sole driver of that vehicle and that he did offer a ride to a young female who he saw walking on Hancock Bridge Parkway.  Wiseman remarked to detectives that though he was prohibited from having contact with minors while on probation, he didn't think it was a problem now that he is not on probation.  From the arrest report:

"Mark [Wiseman] said when he was 21 years old he was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old girl. He went to jail and when he got out he was put on probation and labeled a sex offender. A condition of his probation prohibited him from having contact with minors. He said if he was still on probation and the same conditions applied he would have never asked the girl if she needed a ride because he knows he would have been violating his probation. He said since he is no longer on probation he doesn't see a problem with him talking to minors.

Mark [Wiseman] said when he got arrested for having sex with a 14 year old girl he told the police that he would move to the State of Arkansas because there it's legal to have sex with a 14 year old girl. He said if he lived in Arkansas and he met a 14 year old girl with no family he would have sex with her and said it would be exciting. If the 14 year old girl had a family he would get permission from her parents first. He said if he had a lot of money he would do whatever he could but since he's just a normal guy he only does what he can get away with.

Mark [Wiseman] was referencing having sex and said he thinks the younger guys don't know what they're doing so they younger girls want the older guys who know what they're doing and the older guys have money."

Based on the fact that the juvenile and witness positively identified Mark Wiseman's vehicle, a Turquoise Chevrolet bearing Florida tag# LZQ-096, as the suspect vehicle, and Wiseman's admission that he was the registered owner of the vehicle and the only one who drove the vehicle on 04-03-14, and that Mark Wiseman without lawful authority knowingly enticed a minor from the custody of her parents was placed under arrest for Interference with child custody, F.S.S. 787.03 

ARRESTED:  Mark Allen Wiseman, W/M, DOB: 06-24-1979, of 520 Hancock Bridge Parkway East.