PHOTO:  Do The Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

PHOTO:  Do The Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

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Do The Right Thing for May 2014 

(May 19, 2014)- The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for May 2014 will be held on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  Retired Police Chief, Arnold Gibbs, will be the guest speaker.  There will also be a performance by the Challenger Middle School Jazz Band.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing."

Thirteen Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.




Sky Nelson- 3rd Grade, Pelican Elementary

Sky is a very hard worker and her determination during the FCAT was outstanding.   Her Resource Teacher who administered the test to students who receive accommodation of extra time said that during the FCAT Sky never gave up and that she maintained a positive attitude during the 4 days of testing.  Sky used her time wisely and checked her work again and again.    Her Resource Teacher states that she is one determined little girl and is very proud of her efforts to always do her personal best.


Chandler (CJ) Lytle – 2nd Grade, Diplomat Elementary

While making trips to Publix and Target, CJ noticed random pieces of trash in the parking lot and asked to pick it up and throw it in the trash cans.  His dad asked him why he wanted to pick up dirty trash and he stated, "I want to keep the environment clean".  When CJ and his dad went fishing around the canals, CJ dropped the fishing pole and grabbed the net and pointed out several pieces of trash.  Using his net to "fish" out anything from bottles, mulch bags to coolers, CJ filled the boat with garbage that was unhealthy for the environment.  All the time stating that he wants to keep his community clean.  CJ and his dad continued to remove trash from the canals for several more fishing trips and most likely will in the trips to come. 


Ashley Castro – 8th Grade, Caloosa Middle

One night around 11pm, Ashley and her mother were driving near the Midpoint Bridge.  Ashley spotted a 9 year old girl walking.  Ashley asked her mom to stop and then she got out of the car to speak to the girl.  Ashley convinced here to get in the car after the girl told Ashley she was running away from home.  Ashley relayed this to her mother, who doesn’t speak English.  Ashley’s mother drove the girl to the police station and thus to safety.  If it were not for Ashley’s quick action, this young girl’s future would have turned out quite differently.


Reed Verblaauw – 1st Grade, Gulf Elementary

For Reed’s 7th birthday party, he requested his guest bring food and supplies for the animals at the local shelter instead of presents for himself.   A few days later Reed gathered up his presents and he and his friends delivered the supplies to the Animal Rescue Center in North Fort Myers.  It takes a special child to give up the opportunity to receive birthday gifts to help others in need.  Reed is one remarkable young man.


Zane Thomas – 3rd Grade, Pelican Elementary

Zane is an all around great kid.   His Resource Teacher had this to say about him.   He is sweet, considerate, funny and a hard worker.    He is also thoughtful and kind and is always willing to help others.  For a 10 year old student, Zane displays the maturity and desire to do well of students much older than himself.    He will continue to stay focused in school and will become a successful young man.


Bryan Calderon- 2nd Grade, Gulf Elementary

Bryan is a respectful and thoughtful child.  He does things without thinking of what he might get in return.  During Field Day at school, Bryan went up to his teacher and told her that she looked hot and asked if he could buy her an icee.  Once she ate the icee he proceeded to ask if she felt better.   Later that same day, he asked the teacher once again if he could buy her a gatorade because she looked thirsty.  The teacher was overwhelmed with Bryan’s concern for her.  In this day and time with so much negativity and disrespect,  Bryan’s selfless acts should be commended.  Bryan is like this with his classmates as well.  He works hard in class.  He is always asking if he is doing something correctly and will seek help if he needs it.  Bryan always wants to do a good job with his studies.


Evie Serrano – 2nd Grade, Gulf Elementary

Evie is a sweet girl who always looks out for others.  She is always willing to help anyone and is very encouraging to  other students.


Savanah Gonzales-2nd Grade, Gulf Elementary

Savanah is very encourangeing to all her classmates.  She is the first to tell someone what a good job they did no matter what it is.  Even if Savanah doesn’t do as well she’ll still compliment her peers.  Savanah is also helpful in the classroom without expecting anything in return.


Gabriel Moreira -2nd Grade, Gulf Elementary

Gabriel is very encouraging to his classmates when they are having difficulty.  He helps them feel better about themselves by telling them they have tried hard and have done a good job.  He also helps out in a first grade classroom in the morning to help with academics.


Sascha Kurth-11h Grade, Oasis High School 

Sascha is a very good student at Oasis High School.  His graphics arts teacher recommended Sascha to help out with a graphics art project for the Cape Coral Police Department. Sgt. Kolak wanted to create a shield logo for the training division and picture border artwork was needed for a joint project between the American Cancer Society and CCPD. Sascha was recommended for the project by his teacher not only because he was very talented but because of his positive disposition to help others. 

In spite of his busy, demanding school schedule, Sascha worked tirelessly until he came up with the perfect shield and border artwork. Numerous changes and alterations were requested of the original design, but Sascha completed the entire project on his spare time without hesitation.  Sascha proved he not only has outstanding work ethics but a true desire to help others without self interest. 


David Nee- 3rd Grade, Cape Elementary
Nathaniel Miller – 3rd Grade, Cape Elementary

In March of 2014, David and Nathaniel witnessed a classmate being called names by another student. His classmate tried to walk away, but the other student followed, and continued to call him names. Instead of watching this happen, David and Nathaniel took action and stood up to the student.  Both David and Nathaniel stood beside their classmate and told the name caller not to "call him a nerd again." The student walked away, leaving David, Nathaniel and his classmates alone. Both these young men actions are a shining example of what we teach our kids to do in situations like this.  


Katie Blackwell – 2nd Grade, Pelican Elementary

Katie was being bothered by a bully at school. She dealt with the situation with courage and poise. She decided to talk to the bully face to face.  Although her mother offered to go with Katie to school to confront the bully, Katie told her mom no, and that she could do this on her own.  Katie approached the bully one morning before school began and said, “Why are you so mean to me?” the bully apologized and said she wasn’t trying to be mean. Although Katie went to school that day nervous and uncomfortable she came back home smiling like a star. She was so proud of herself for confronting an uncomfortable situation. She said to her mom that she was nervous and even sweating but it was something she had to do on her own.