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Armed Robbery In North Cape Coral Ends With Crash on Alligator Alley

(July 19, 2014)- At around 7:00 AM, Cape Coral Police Department responded to a past-occurred armed robbery at the Cape Coral Marathon gas station located at 1541 North Del Prado Boulevard.  A store employee reported being the victim of an Armed Robbery that occurred at approximately 6:00 AM.

The employee stated that while working the front register, a male in a black hooded shirt entered the store and pointed a black handgun in his direction while demanding money.  The employee opened the register drawer and handed the male an undisclosed amount of US Currency, in bills.  The suspect then fled the store to a vehicle parked near the gas pumps and the vehicle fled the scene.

In-store surveillance video revealed that a blue four door sedan entered the west side of the gas station parking lot minutes before the robbery.  A male and female could be seen being active inside the vehicle and changing positions in the vehicle.  Ultimately the female drove the vehicle to gas pump #6 and a male in a black hooded sweatshirt exited the front passenger side of the vehicle.  The male walked into the front door of the store and pointed a black handgun at the store employee.  After receiving money he fled the store to the parked vehicle and the vehicle exited the parking lot traveling Eastbound on Diplomat Parkway.  The male suspect wore a black hooded sweatshirt with red designs on the front, both sleeves and back; dark shorts, an what appeared to be black socks with black slide type sandals.

A short time later Collier County Deputies responded to a single vehicle crash located at approximately mile marker 60 on I-75, involving a blue four door sedan, which matched the vehicle involved in the robbery.  Inside the vehicle, Haley Zaccagnino was found to be the driver and Dillon Bringer the passenger.  Further investigation revealed that the vehicle had been reported stolen by the owner earlier in the day and Collier County Deputies developed probable cause for the arrest of Zaccagnino and Bringer for the Grand Theft of the Automobile.

Investigators were able to develop information regarding the firearm that was used in the robbery and disposed of along the path of the vehicle.  Cape Coral Police Officer, Enrique Lopez, located the firearm in a holster near the guardrail of the 41 bridge.  The vehicle occupied by Zaccagnino and Bringer was towed to the Cape Coral Police Department pending processing for additional evidence.

"I want to thank our law enforcement partners- the men and women of the Collier County Sheriff's Office for their outstanding work.  We are fortunate the suspects in this crime are in custody and the citizens of Florida are safe. However, it imperative that when dealing with those involved in such serious criminal behavior, we remain diligent in notifying local law enforcement immediately."- Bart Connelly, Chief of Police.

ARRESTED: Haley Zaccagnino, W/F, DOB: 01-22-1998, of 4342 Orange Grove Boulevard, North Fort Myers, FL.
CHARGES:   Principal of the First Degree for the Charge of Robbery With a Deadly Weapon.

ARRESTED:  Dillon J. Bringer, W/M, DOB: 02-25-1997, of 438 Stockton St., North Fort Myers, FL.
CHARGES:  Robbery with a Deadly Weapon.