PHOTO:  CALEA Seal.  (Photo Courtesy of  CALEA )

PHOTO:  CALEA Seal.  (Photo Courtesy of CALEA)

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Cape Coral Police Department Communications Bureau
Receives Accreditation Through CALEA


(July 31, 2014)- The Cape Coral Police Department signed a contract with CALEA in January 2012 to enroll in the accreditation process for Communications Facilities. During the following two years, specific policies, procedures, practices, and back-up facilities were put in place to comply with the 212 standards specific to Communications Facilities. One assessor from New York State and another assessor from Washington State were here for four days in January,  to verify that the Cape Coral Police Department Communications Bureau complied with all applicable Communication Facility standards.  

The Communications Bureau was awarded their initial Accreditation Certification on Saturday, July 26 after a review hearing with the Chief, Accreditation Manager and Communications Supervisor was conducted by several CALEA Commissioners. The full Commission Board approved the initial Accreditation Certification later in the day. The Cape Coral Communications Bureau is one of very few Communications Facilities that has met the strict guidelines and standards required by standards set by professionals from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

The Communications Bureau is tasked with maintaining compliance with all 212 accreditation standards (several standards require multiple steps of compliance verification for one particular standard)  throughout the next three years;  when different assessors from different states will again visit the Cape Coral Police Department Communications Bureau to verify that compliance with the standards was maintained throughout the past three years. Compliance verification and re-certification is on a three-year cycle.

“I could not be more proud of the fine men and women of our Communications Section and our accreditation team who have, once again, demonstrated their commitment to excellence.  By us meeting an established continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities, our citizens can rest assured they are receiving the best possible 911 emergency service available.”- Bart Connelly, Chief of Police