PHOTO:  Aerial map of the crash location- 4200 Tropicana Parkway W., Cape Coral, FL.  (Photo Courtesy of  Apple, Inc. )

PHOTO:  Aerial map of the crash location- 4200 Tropicana Parkway W., Cape Coral, FL.  (Photo Courtesy of Apple, Inc.)

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Single Vehicle Crash This Morning Sends 1 to Hospital; Alcohol/Drugs Involved

(August 2, 2014)-  Cape Coral Police responded to a crash this morning that resulted in a car going into a canal and the driver hospitalized.  The crash occurred in the 4200 Block of Tropicana Parkway W.  The driver of the vehicle, Gunter, was taken to a local hospital for treatment of what was thought to be life-threatening injuries at the time.  The driver's condition has since been upgraded and she has since been released from the hospital.   Investigation is still ongoing at this time, but alcohol/drugs are a factor in this crash.  The preliminary synopsis of the Traffic Homicide Investigator is below:

DATE: August 2, 2014
TIME: 10:03 A.M. 
LOCATION: 4200 block of Tropicana Pkwy West   
CR: 14-012349 
VEHICLE # 1: A 2007 Silver Jeep SUV
VEHICLE # 1 DRIVER: Venus Mariathena Gunter, of Cape Coral, Florida.
DRIVER # 1 INJURIES: Gunter was trauma alerted to Lee Memorial Hospital due to her injuries.

SYNOPSIS: V1 was driving West on Tropicana Pkwy at the 4200 block when the driver entered into to the median and continued to travel West. As V1 neared the end of the median and road, the driver of V1 accelerated, striking the bank of the canal at the end of the road. V1 then became airborne and continued to travel West, until it landed in the canal. Once in the canal, V1 rotated counterclockwise so the frontend was facing East. V1 then drifted West across the canal until it stuck the Western bank of the canal, where it came to final rest.

Due to severity of the injuries, THI Officer Nicholas Green and Corporal Nickolas Slover, along with Forensics Technician Buckner responded.

The driver of V1 was trauma alerted to Lee Memorial Hospital.  It was later determined that she did not have any life threatening injuries.  Alcohol/drugs are a factor in this traffic crash.

***There are 4 traffic fatalities in our city in 2014. (There are 0 fatalities that are ruled "medical" and the cause of death is not related to injuries in the traffic crash. The 0 "medical" fatalities are not included in the number of 3 traffic fatalities).***

Breakdown of the past 5 years FYI:

2014= 4 Traffic fatalities

2013= 18 Traffic fatalities (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 3 medical ruled deaths)

2012= 10 Traffic fatalities

2011= 11 Traffic fatalities (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical and 1 suicide ruled deaths)

2010= 9 Traffic fatalities