Do The Right Thing for September 2014 

(September 15, 2014)- The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for September 2014 will be held on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing."

Six Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.



Alejandro Espinosa-Sierra – 8th Grade    
Challenger Middle

Alejandro is an extraordinarily caring person.  When he sees injustice, he takes action to try and correct it.  While riding the school bus Alejandro noticed two smaller students were being picked on by a larger child.  Alex said the child was just “playing” and force was not used but the 2 boys were punched, hit, had their book bags, shoes and cell phones were taken and hidden.  Alex decided to make a point.  Alex took the other child’s shoe and asked him how he felt about it.  Alex then spoke up to the other child to try and make him aware that the “play” was not enjoyed.  Alex said that little kids don’t know how to defend themselves.  He believes that it is his role to speak up when he see injustice taking place. 


Sam Pucin- 8th Grade            
Challenger Middle

Sam is dedicated to volunteering to help others.  He volunteers and works with the “Hooters to Hooters Race” and the Turkey Trot.  He sets up the equipment for the races and hands out water before and during the races.  Every year at Tip-A-Cop for the Special Olympics Sam sells hats, shirts and raffle tickets to help support the Special Olympics.  


Shayna Symonds – 2nd Grade        
Gulf Elementary

Earlier this year, after Shayna’s Tee Ball game at a local Park, Shayna noticed an exposed needle syringe partically covered with leaves on the ground.  This concerned Shayna very much since the needle syringe was next to the bleachers where other children were playing.  Shayna politely interupted her grandfather’s conversation and brought the syringe to his attention.  After looking around the areas, two more syringes were found.  Coaches on the field were also told of the danger which they notified parents with children playing in the area.  The syringes were disposed of properly.  I believe that Shayna’s actions in “Doing the Right Thing”, may have prevented another child from possibly being injured, while enjoying the park.  Her willingness to speak up about the danger, was a sign of responsibility to her fellow team-mates and community.


Anna Langford-8th Grade        
Challenger Middle School

Anna is dedicated to volunteering to helping others.  She volunteers and works with younger children teaching them to swim at the community pool.  Anna volunteers at the concession stand at Miracles Baseball games.  She works to earn money for new pool covers, children’s equipment and scholarships for the children’s swim lessons at the community pool.  What a special young lady this is!


Tyler Wooten – 11th Grade        
Cape Coral High School

One Wednesday afternoon, Tyler decided to visit her mother at work in Cape Coral.  During that same time period an elderly woman walked into the store almost in tears asking Tyler’s mom if she knew of any church around the area that could help her get back home to Bonita Springs.  The elderly woman was running out of gas and did not have any money available in her bank account until another week or so. While Tyler’s mom proceeded to tell the woman where to go to get assistance, Tyler stepped from behind her mom and handed a $20.00 bill to the elderly woman.  The woman asked Tyler for her address so she could mail her a check but Tyler told her it was okay and that she did not need the money back.  Whenever Tyler sees someone in need, she always gives and does whatever she can to help.


Camryn Chaffee – 8th Grade        
Challenger Middle School

Camryn is dedicated to providing service to others.  She volunteers in an elementary classroom every morning.  She works with younger children on reading and writing skills.  Camryn teaches the kids how to play softball and plays with them.  The Fort Myers Track Club holds races in which she volunteers.  Camryn sets up and dismantles the equipment for these races.  She worked the Edison Festival of Lights Race and the Hooters Half Marathon this year.  This is a child dedicated not only to helping others but also to her community. 

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