(November 19, 2015)-  Yesterday afternoon, the winners of the November 2015 Do The Right Thing Awards were recognized at a ceremony at Cape Coral City Hall.

Six Cape Coral students were recognized at the ceremony.  Below are their names and an excerpt from their nominations:

Camila Santiago-8th Grade, Challenger Middle School
Aron Ortiz-8th Grade, Challenger Middle School
Camila and Aron have given assistance to two monolingual Spanish speaking students.  They have welcomed the two new boys, assisting them with understanding expectations and social norms, translated and helped them with homework.  They encourage the boys to speak English and guide them with pronunciation and meaning.  Both Camila and Aron are very caring and empathetic since both of them were in the same situation when they came to the United States.  Camila and Aron are constantly telling the boys that they are doing a great job which in turns encourages them to do their best.  

Jaden Savakinus-5th Grader, Christa McAuliffe Charter School    
Last Monday, Jaden chose to make the right choice when he saw a student who had a weapon on the bus.   As soon as Jaden arrived at school, he notified school officials of what he had witnessed.  The weapon was then obtained from the student and a potentially dangerous situation was adverted by his action.

Juan Almeida-7th Grader, Challenger Middle School    
Since the start of this school year, Juan has been very supportive of a new student who does not speak English.   During the first week of school the teacher asked Juan if he could sit next to the new student and help translate.  He has been able to communicate to her what is going on in class and what the teacher is asking of the students for various assignments.    The teacher is impressed by his willingness to help a fellow student.

Kelsey Beshirs-8th Grader, Caloosa Middle School    
Kelsey has been instrumental in doing the right thing for Caloosa Middle School time and time again.  First, she confided in an authority figure that a few students were using a vape after school in a common area of the school.  It was then reported to the School Resource Officer and the videos were reviewed and students were dealt with the next day.  Kelsey has also taken it upon herself to mentor a very challenging student.  She has encouraged him and helps him to complete his work. She is a positive role model for the students at Caloosa Middle. 

Paul DeStefanis-9th Grader, Oasis High School
Paul did a selfless act which caught the School Resource Officer’s attention.  During lunch students are required to clean up after themselves.  However, several students during Paul’s lunch period had left a mess behind on the floor.  Even though Paul was not responsible for the mess, he began cleaning it up. 

Do The Right Thing, Inc. is a non-profit corporation operating under the City of Cape Coral Police Department, dedicated to recognizing students within the community who are doing good things. All students nominated are “winners” and receive a t-shirt, certificate, and other prizes. Each month our Board of Directors selects some of those students to honor publicly at a special ceremony attended by family friends, police officers, and community members. 

Our goals:

  • To build self-esteem in our youth by reinforcing socially desirable behavior.
  • To foster positive relations between the police department and students by building bridges of trust, understanding, and civic responsibility.
  • To allow the residents of the City of Cape Coral to see the positive actions of our young citizens and demonstrate that “good kids” are newsworthy.
  • To allow the community the opportunity to publicly thank our youth for their achievements.

Donations and sponsorships from individuals, businesses, corporations, and community groups make the Do The Right Thing Program possible.

If you or your business are interested in making a donation to or becoming a sponsor of this worthwhile program, please contact the Cape Coral Police Department Community Outreach Coordinator, Anella "Joy" Nyack, at (239) 242-3342.

PHOTO:  Do The Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

PHOTO:  Do The Right Thing logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)


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