Do The Right Thing for February 2015 

(February 18, 2015)- The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for February 2015 will be held today, Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 2:00 PM in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing."

Eleven (11) Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.

PHOTO:  "Do The Right Thing" logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)

PHOTO:  "Do The Right Thing" logo.  (Photo Courtesy of Cape Coral Police Department)


Gianna Harner- 4th Grade            Christa McAuliffe Elementary
Alexis Dehetre-3rd Grade
These two students have donated their hair to a program called “Locks of Love”.  Locks for Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.  Their donated beautiful long hair will make wigs  and be provided to underprivileged children who have suffered an illness to help restore their self-esteem and their confidence, enabling them to face the world and their peers.  

Hunter Shull – 5th Grade            Christa McAuliffe Elementary
First grader Lindsie just moved to Cape Coral from North Carolina and was able to adjust to all the changes going on except for being dropped off at the car ramp.   After seeing this, the girl’s teacher agreed to meet the student at the car but then was absent from school a few weeks later.  At the car ramp that morning, Hunter opened the door for Lindsie and saw the distress on both their faces.   Hunter stepped up in the teacher’s place, ensuring that the little girl got out of her car and made it to the breezeway and onto class.  Every day after that, Hunter faithfully met the little girl at the car ramp taking away her fears.  Hunter is a very respectable and helpful young man and his teacher states that “it has been a blessing to watch him grow”.

Ethan Imfeld – 1st Grade            Skyline Elementary
Ethan was at home one day with his mom when she had an “episode”.  During this one “episode” Ethan texted his dad, who was not at home, to let him know what was happening.  His dad asked Ethan to call “9-1-1, which Ethan did and his dad came home right away.  Apparently when the paramedics arrived and checked his mom’s blood sugar, it was dangerously low.  Ethan not only saved his mother’s life once but did the same thing on another occasion.  He is an all around wonderful kid with an amazing attitude.  He does his best every single day and thankfully his best saved him mom’s life not once but twice.

Raseem Biem-Aime  - 7th Grade        Caloosa Middle
Raseem made tremendous changes in his behavior and academics this year.  His business teacher Mrs. Tikka had this to say about him.  “Last year when Raseem was in my Business Keyboarding class, he struggled.  This year, he was placed in my Computer Applications in Business 1 and Career Planning class and in my “Leader in Me” support time.  His behavior and attitude turned around after he wrote a rap and performed it in front of the class about the “seven habits” of the “Leader in Me” program.  He truly understood the meaning of the qualities of a leader.  From that point forward, he excelled at everything he did in class and became a role model leader.  He strived to do his best.  At the end of the semester, when asked for volunteers to present their Photo Album project, Raseem was the first to volunteer and proceeded to show his Photo Album with at least 50 pictures that depicted his life in PowerPoint incorporating his own video introduction, music, animated graphics, transitions, charts, SmartArt, and sound.”  It was one of the best projects his teacher had ever seen.  He gained his confidence, determined the leader in himself and changed his outlook on life.  Mrs. Tikka stated, “What a pleasure as a teacher to have watched his metamorphous.  He has come such a long way and I am honor as a teacher to have witnessed this.”

Thomas Arriaga – 7th Grade            Challenger Middle
Thomas is a kind, considerate and a gentle young man.  He is truly unselfish and wanted to help out.  Thomas has had shoulder length hair for a number of years.  Recently he decided to cut his hair so that he could donate it to “Locks of Love”.  His hair will be made into a wig for a person who has lost their own hair while undergoing chemotherapy.  

Mark Terwilliger – 10th Grade        Oasis High School
Katie Terwilliger – 7th Grade         Oasis Middle School
For the past four years, Mark and Katie have volunteered their services at the Salvation Army serving lunch on Thanksgiving Day.  Each year the two look forward to the occasion.  When Katie found out that she may not be able to volunteer this year because of other commitments, she was quite disappointed.  When plans changed, Katie’s first comment was that she would now be able to go. Both Mark and Katie have such a great attitude about going and look forward to the experience every year.

Alexander Erickson – 2nd Grade        Cape Elementary
William Erickson – Kindergarten
Alex and William, despite their young age have shown their compassion for less fortunate animals.  Previous birthdays, both Alex and William have celebrated their birthdays with their friends doing fun activities.  However, in the last three years, in lieu of gifts, Alex and William have requested bags of dog or cat food to donate to the local animal shelter.  Both Alex and William are more than willing to do this and should be commended for this selfless act especially at such a young age.

Kevin Grassel – 7th Grade            Diplomat Middle
On Sunday, January 4th @ 6:00pm Kevin was walking home after playing football and immediately noticed smoke coming from the roof of a home.  Kevin looked through the window and stated he couldn’t see anything due to all the black smoke.  He quickly, flagged down another neighbor and told him what he saw and asked him to call 911.  Division Chief Ryan Lamb reported that “If it were not for the quick thinking of this 12 year old boy and quick actions of the Cape Coral Fire Department, the damage could have been much worse.  Kevin’s quick thinking saved not only this house from more damage but also saved the surrounding homes from fire.

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