(March 30, 2015)-  On March 28, 2015 at about midnight, Cape Coral Police responded to 2029 NW 9th Street, Cape Coral on a loud noise complaint. 

The responding Officer found that an open house party was in progress.  The Officer saw numerous cars parked on the street.  Party-goers, many of which were obviously underage, were walking to and from the house and cars.  Music could be heard from several houses away.

As the Officer arrived, party-goers fled into the house, closed the garage door, and turned off the lights.  The Officer attempted to make contact at the front door, but even after several attempts at knocking no one came to the door, but the officer could hear yelling inside the home.  While standing close to the home, the Officer should still smell burnt cannabis coming form the area of the garage.

As the Officer walked  back towards the driveway he was met by a subject claiming to be the homeowner (later identified as Derek Jeunegens) but refusing to identify himself.

As the Officer was attempting to investigate the noise complaint and what appeared to be an open house party, Jeunegens was uncooperative, demanding that the officer leave unless he "had a warrant." Jeunegens became verbally abusive and belligerent toward the Officer.  When the Officer attempted to detain Jeunegens, a struggle ensued.  Jeunegens repeatedly pulled away and actively physically resisted the Officer's attempts to secure him in handcuffs, despite repeated verbal commands to stop. 

During the struggle, Jeunegens slipped out of his jacket to evade the Officer.  Once free, Jeunegens struck the officer in the throat and attempted to flee into the home.

The Officer deployed his Taser, subduing Jeunegens temporarily.

At this point, a large crowd had gathered in the driveway area and in the yard.  Many of the subjects were yelling profanities and threats at the Officer. 

Jeunegens continued being verbally abusive toward the Officer and would not comply with the Officer's orders to stay on the ground and was Tased a second time, gaining temporary compliance.  Someone from the crowd threw a beer bottle at the Officer, striking him in the head.  The gathering crowd shifted closer and individuals began making overt threats to harm the Officer, some going so far as to remove their shirts and assume aggressive postures.

Jeunegens continued to be verbally abusive toward the Officer and refused to comply with the Officer's directions to stay on the ground, resulting in a third application of the Taser.  After he fell to the ground again, the sirens of approaching police vehicles became audible.  The crowd heard the sirens of responding backup units and started yelling at each other to run.  Most of the crowd fled the scene before additional Officers arrived. 

Jeunegens was secured in handcuffs.  he was positively identified by his ID card in his wallet.  LCEMS arrived to check Jeunegens.  They removed the Taser probes from his body, and applied first aid as needed.  LCEMS also provided first aid for the Officer at the scene.

Additional Officers arrived and checked the residence and made contact with neighbors.  Neighbors from two different addresses provided sworn written statements regarding the party and noise. 

Derek Jeunegens was placed under arrest and transported first to CCPD and then to Lee County Jail without further incident, and in apparent good health.  He was charged with Resisting without Violence, Resisting with Violence, and with Battery (LEO).

"This situation could have been resolved with a ticket and some phone calls to disappointed parents.  Unfortunately, Mr. Jeunegens took a different approach.  We are thankful that in spite of  Jeunegens' own actions, and those of certain party-goers, that no one was seriously hurt."- Det. Sergeant Dana Coston, Cape Coral Police Department Public Affairs Officer.

ARRESTED : Derek C. Jeunegens (B/M 03-17-97) of 2920 NW 9th St., Cape Coral, FL.  CHARGES : Resisting w/o Violence, Resisting with Violence, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

ARRESTED: Derek C. Jeunegens (B/M 03-17-97) of 2920 NW 9th St., Cape Coral, FL.
CHARGES: Resisting w/o Violence, Resisting with Violence, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.


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