(April 13, 2015)- Since the Cape Coral Police Department was awarded the High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) Grant it has been conducting operations targeting the areas specified regarding high Ped/Bike injury and/or traveled areas.  The goal has been to educate the motorist, pedestrian, or cyclist regarding the rules of the roadway and how to travel safely to and from destinations. 

The HVE Operation began on March 7, 2015.   Cape Coral Police have been operating within the first phase of the program, emphasizing education and public awareness.  As of  April 7,  2015 (one month)  the Cape Coral Police Department has completed eighteen (18) operations.  The numbers are listed below:

  • Total Man-Hours:  592
  • Motorist Contacts:  233
  • Pedestrian Contacts:  98
  • Bicyclist Contacts:  301

A large amount of these contacts resulted in the Officer issuing a Warning Ticket and the Florida Pedestrian/Bicycle Law Synopsis pamphlet, which explained the violation and also provided them with the opportunity to read about all of the applicable Pedestrian/Bicycle Laws.

As the Cape Coral Police Department enters into the second phase, emphasizing enforcement efforts, the Officers will be checking with the Cape Coral Police Department Teletype system to see if the person has been contacted during the campaign, if they have been issued a Warning,  and for what the Warning Ticket was issued.  If the person was issued a Warning for the same offense they are being stopped for a second time, the Officer will have the choice to issue a Uniform Traffic Citation to the offender.  This will be phase two of our education/enforcement campaign. 

"The HVE Operations have been very successful and we are looking forward to the continued success of the program."- Sgt. Jon Kulko, Cape Coral Police Department Traffic Unit.

Click the link below for the original news release regarding he HVE Operations:

Cape Coral Police Department Begins Bike-Ped Enforcement Operations


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