(May 11, 2015)-  Just before 10:00 AM, Cape Coral Police responded to a traffic crash at the 1000 block of Country Club Boulevard.  a single vehicle left the roadway and struck a hedge in front of Florida Heart Associates.

Investigation revealed that the driver and sole occupant suffered a fatal medical event.  The Cape Coral Police Department Major Crash Investigator handled the crash investigation.  The Major Crash Investigator's preliminary synopsis is below:

DATE:  May 11, 2015
TIME:  9:53 am
LOCATION: 1002 Country Club Boulevard
CR#:  15-007803

DRIVER 1:  George Alfred Lamb, Jr, W/M, 83, of Cape Coral, Florida.
VEHICLE 1:  White 2003 Buick Century 4 door car.
DRIVER 1 INJURIES:  Lamb died at Cape Coral Hospital due to an apparent heart attack.

SYNOPSIS:  Vehicle 1 was West on Country Club Boulevard near the intersection of SE 10 Street.  Vehicle 1 drifted to the right and drove off the roadway at approximately 15 mph, across a sidewalk, and came to rest in a row of bushes in front of 1002 Country Club Boulevard (Florida Heart Associates).

A CCPD Public Service Aide was across the roadway and immediately responded and made contact with the driver.  Two nurses from within the Florida Heart Associates, one emergency room nurse from Cape Coral Hospital, and one off duty EMS medic also immediately were on scene.  The male driver was removed from the driver’s seat and found unresponsive.  CPR was given and an AED was used by those attending.  The driver was transported by ambulance to Cape Coral Hospital.  A Cape Coral Police Department Major Crash Investigator, Forensics personnel, and a Victim Advocate responded.

At 10:37 AM, the driver was pronounced deceased from an apparent heart attack. 

It was determined that Vehicle 1 has NO crash damage from prior to leaving the roadway (minor paint scrapes from the bushes, minor bush damage as well).  The driver of Vehicle 1 also suffered NO trauma from the vehicle/crash.  Based on all evidence, the Medical Examiner’s Office declined jurisdiction and no autopsy will be performed.  The driver died due to an apparent heart attack and has an extensive medical history.  The next of kin HAS been notified as of yet.

This death IS NOT traffic crash related and IS NOT added to the number of traffic fatalities for the city.  The breakdown is listed below:

***There are 5 traffic fatalities and 21 MCI usages in our city in 2015. (There are 1 fatalities that are ruled "medical" and the cause of death is not related to injuries in the traffic crash. This 1 "medical" fatality is not included in the number of traffic fatalities).***

Breakdown of the past 5 years FYI:

  • 2015= 5 Traffic fatalities (21 MCI usages- Motorcycle 5, Pedestrian 6, Bicycle 3) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 1 medical ruled death)
  • 2014= 11 Traffic fatalities (40 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 1 medical ruled death)
  • 2013= 14 Traffic fatalities (43 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical ruled deaths)
  • 2012= 10 Traffic fatalities (21 MCI usages)
  • 2011= 11 Traffic fatalities (24 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical and 1 suicide ruled deaths)
  • 2010= 9 Traffic fatalities (22 MCI usages)


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