(May 12, 2015)-  On Tuesday 5/12/15 at approximately 7:14 AM, Cape Coral Police Department received a 9-1-1 call about a kidnapping that occurred at 2811 SE 15th Place #102, Cape Coral, FL. 

The caller said that her juvenile niece and nephew, ages 6 and 10, were missing and that purses had been stolen from their apartment.  The caller explained that she has a sister who recently was released from jail that broke into the apartment between 4:00 and 5:00 AM via a bathroom window.  Officers responded and were unable to locate the children hiding in/around the apartment or its complex.  Detectives and Forensics personnel were notified and arrived.

Investigation revealed that the two children were taken in the night by their aunt, Kristina Pantalias and taken to an apartment in Fort Myers.  While there, one of the children was attacked by a dog and sustained injuries that required emergency medical attention.

A friend of Pantalias, Shannon Weber, 40, of Fort Myers, took the injured child to the Emergency Room.  Lee Memorial Hospital notified one of the kids' school that she was in the ER, having been mauled by a dog in an attempt to make parental notification because Weber could not answer basic questions about the child.  Police were notified and Cape Coral Police Department Detectives and FMPD responded to Lee Memorial Hospital where investigators discovered that the child sustained multiple lacerations and deep puncture wounds to both sides of her face which required multiple stitches.

Meanwhile, the Cape Coral Police Department received a phone call with detailed information about Pantalias.  It was learned that Pantalias stole a car in Ft Myers and used that car to take the kids from their Cape Coral address and that Pantalias had the kids at an apartment complex on Braman St in Ft Myers, and that there were narcotics there.  Panatelas was described as “high on meth” and had the kids in her custody at that "drug-apartment."   FMPD and Cape Coral Police Detectives were able to ascertain a location and went to the Hilton House Apartments (3079 Cleveland Ave., Ft. Myers, FL) and found Pantalias with one of the kids outside apartment #23.  Through the window, they could see a purse and bloody towels on the floor, corroborating the dog-bitten child's injuries.

The caller with detailed information recontacted Cape Coral Police Department and advised Pantalias hid drugs in one of the kids' pants pockets.  The information was relayed to officers with the child and Pantalias and drugs were found in the child's pockets.  The items from his pocket were field tested and were positive for: 2 baggies of Heroin, 2 Methadone pills and Suboxone in tinfoil. 

Pantalias was taken into custody for the charges of Kidnapping and Grand Theft.  A search warrant was obtained for the Ft. Myers apartment.  The aunt’s and grandmother’s purses were found, along with a wallet that was stolen.  Bloody paper towels and swabbings were also seized. 

FMPD located the narcotics in the child's pockets and were going to charge Pantalias with additional crimes.  Weber was located admitted that her dog attacked the 6 year-old while they were at the apartment.

Pantalias was transported to Cape Coral Police Department and processed.  She was later transported to Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED:  Kristina Pantalias, W/F, DOB: 06-30-1985, of 2811 SE 15th Place #102 Cape Coral FL. CHARGES:  Kidnapping of a Minor (x2) and Grand Theft (x1) (Photo courtesy of  LCSO , Most recent booking photo)

ARRESTED:  Kristina Pantalias, W/F, DOB: 06-30-1985, of 2811 SE 15th Place #102 Cape Coral FL.
CHARGES:  Kidnapping of a Minor (x2) and Grand Theft (x1)
(Photo courtesy of LCSO, Most recent booking photo)


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