(June 19, 2015)-  A Cape Coral man is behind bars today after threatening his neighbors with a shotgun.

Last night, just after 6:00 PM, Cape Coral Police responded to an Aggravated Assault call at 4971 Vincennes Street, Apt. #2.

While en route to the scene, Cape Coral Police Communications relayed to responding Officers that the suspect (later identified as Sean Spiegelman) could be heard loading his shotgun and came out to the lanai area of his apartment with the shotgun and placed it down pointing it that his neighbors who were in their lanai area.

Arriving Officers set up a perimeter on the apartment building.  From positions of cover, Officers saw Spiegelman, who was on the front lanai with two other people, go inside the apartment, holding a black pistol-grip shotgun. Spiegelman came back outside without the shotgun and sat back down.

Spiegelman took notice of the Officers and immediately put his hands up and was taken into custody without incident.

Investigation revealed that Spiegelman and his neighbors have been having ongoing verbal confrontations stemming from a noise complaint.  These arguments continued and escalated to the point where Spiegelman armed himself with a shotgun, and according to witness statements, made comments about "killing them all," referring to the victims.

Officers obtained statements from the involved parties and witnesses.  The shotgun was submitted to Cape Coral Police Department Evidence Room.  A Cape Coral Police Detective was notified of the incident.

Based on the observations of Officers, as well as the statements of the defendant, witnesses, and victims, Officers found probable cause that Spiegelman's actions and threatening words, coupled with the apparent ability to carry out those threats, placed the victims in a well founded fear for their own safety and that violence was imminent. Spiegelman was arrested for the offense of Aggravated Assault with a weapon, a violation of FSS 784.021(1)(a). Spiegelman was subsequently transported to CCPD for processing and later to Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED : Sean G. Spiegelman, W/M, DOB: 11/02/1993, of 4971 Vincennes Street Apt. #2  CHARGES : Aggravated Assault

ARRESTED: Sean G. Spiegelman, W/M, DOB: 11/02/1993, of 4971 Vincennes Street Apt. #2
CHARGES: Aggravated Assault


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