(September 15, 2015)- The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for September 2015 will be held on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing."

 Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.



Chris Ghantous – 8th Grade                Oasis Middle School
At a school dance Chris noticed another student that was shy and not mingling with others.  He decided to take the student under his wing, welcome him and introduce him to his friends. Throughout the dance, Chris made sure the other student felt like part of the group. Chris even hung around after the dance to make sure the student got lunch and made it back to class safely.  

Jeffrey Graham-9th Grade                Oasis High School
Jeffrey builds and repairs computers.  Most students don’t recognize or value his knowledge and great character.   Jeffrey has befriended another student and recognizes that his friend needs to lose weight.   With the money Jeffrey earns from building and repairing computers and a little assistance from his mom, Jeffrey pays for the gym membership for his friend as well as exercises with him to encourage him to lose weight for his health. 

Grayson Guillery – 5th Grade                Gulf Elementary School
Grayson was riding with his dad when he caught something odd out of the corner of his eye.  He thought he saw a person lying on the street.  He asked his dad, a local firefighter, to go back.  Upon making a U-turn they discovered a woman who was face down and unconscious.    Because of Grayson’s quick response, they were able to call for help immediately and began to help the woman who was later sent to the hospital.  

Alexandrea Koepke – 4th Grade                Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
Alexandrea has given money to feed and clothe the less fortunate as well as collected can tops for youth cancer patients.  

Anthony Pilch – 7th Grade                Challenger Middle School
Anthony befriended a student that was being victimized by bullying.  The student felt embarrassed and refused to report it.  After repeatedly telling his friend to report the bullying Anthony took the initiative and reported the incidents.  

Alexander Pucin – 8th Grade                Challenger Middle School
Alexander found a box of chocolate bars and money that were left on a table in the school cafeteria.  The chocolate was being sold by Band students as a fundraiser.  Alexander easily could have kept both the chocolate and the money.  He did not.  He was honest and turned both of these in to the Band teacher so that it could be returned to the student who had left it behind.  

Spencer Roach – 11th Grade                Cape Coral High School
On July 28th Spencer and his mom were on their way to pick up Spencer’s sister.  While pulling out of the driveway they heard a car crash.  At the same time they heard a woman yelling for help because her dog had taken off into oncoming traffic.   Spencer took off behind the dog and alerted oncoming traffic.  After chasing the dog for almost a mile the dog was reunited with its extremely grateful owner who hugged and thanked Spencer for his kind deed.

Andie Robinson – 9th Grade                Mariner High School
Andie epitomizes student leadership.  As editor of the yearbook, she took the initiative to dedicate a page to Austin, a student who lost his life in a bike accident.  She went further and had Home Depot donate a tree to honor Austin’s memory.  Andie is always thinking of others and has proven that one person can and does make a difference in so many lives.

Tyler Sbarra – 6th Grade                    Mariner Middle School
Tyler is a remarkable young man.  He is a model student and is always willing to help his peers with their academics.  While riding to school on the bus one morning, he found an expensive smartphone and turned it in to a school administrator.   His teacher was able to go through the contacts on the phone and contacted the parent whose child had of the lost the smartphone.  The mother was overjoyed that someone actually turned in the phone.  In this day and age it would have been very easy for Tyler to keep such an expensive phone but he chose to do the right thing and continue to be a model student.

Chloe Weaver – 3rd Grade                Cape Elementary School
Chloe is a very charitable young lady.  She came up with the idea to ask her schoolmates to donate to the children’s hospital.  Once Chloe got permission she and another classmate went on the televised school news to get the message across.  At the end of the fundraising event, Chloe got 3 large boxes filled with toys, books, crafts and puzzles which all went to the children who have to stay at Golisano Children’s Hospital.  

Anthony Williams – 6th Grade                Mariner Middle School
Anthony witnessed a man face down in the swimming pool of his apartment complex.   Anthony got his mother and called 9-1-1.  His mother was able to pull the man out of the pool with the assistance of some men that were working around the building.  Anthony’s actions resulted in the man being resuscitated and taken to the hospital.

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