(January 11th, 2016)  City officials want to stress the importance of not hiring unlicensed contractors to work on homes that have been damaged by the tornado, nor for any other work inside the City limits of Cape Coral.  Entering into a contract is a major project for most people and you want to be assured the business you are hiring is legitimate.  Here are some helpful tips for spotting unlicensed contractors.

Be aware of "special" deals or "this is good only for today".  

Most contractors will not go door to door looking for business.

Ask for names and addresses of previous customers.

They may ask for partial or full payment up front without doing any work.  Most companies will collect payment when then the work is completed or during stages of the process.

Contractors must have State and Local license to work in the City of Cape Coral.  The license number must be on the work vehicles and contracts they provide to their customers.

Consumers can check myflorida.com to see if the contractor is licensed or not.  

Citizens can also call 239-574-0432 which is the licensing division at City Hall to verify City and State licensing for contractors.


CAPE CORAL POLICE DEPARTMENT | Public Affairs Office | 1100 Cultural Park Boulevard | Cape Coral, FL 33990 | (239) 242-3341