(October 17, 2016)-  A burglar who hit both residences and vehicles and pawned the items he stole the very same day has been apprehended.

CCPD detectives developed Nicholas Herbert (DOB: 1-18-95) as a suspect in two separate burglaries, partially based on pawn shop records for the stolen items. Herbert is suspected of entering a victim's garage and removing items, as well as entering another victim's vehicle, removing items, and pawning them that very same day.

Patrol officers located Herbert and placed him under arrest for 2 counts of burglary, 2 counts of grand theft, dealing in stolen property and defrauding a pawnbroker. Herbert was transported to the Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED: Nicholas Herbert, W/M, DOB: 1-18-1995, of 615 SE 15th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL.
CHARGES: Burglary (2 counts), Grand Theft (2 counts), Dealing in Stolen Property, Defrauding a Pawnbroker
CR#: 16-013076


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