(October 17, 2016)-  The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for October 2016 will be held on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing." The guest speaker will be Cape Coral Police Department Chief David Newlan.

Eleven (11) Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.


Raegan Pooley – Kindergarten, Caloosa Elementary School
Raegan was on her way home from school and watched the car in front of her throw garbage out the window.  Raegan asked her mom if they could pull over and pick up the trash.  Her mom agreed and turned the car around to clean up another person’s trash.  After they were done Raegan said, “It’s like we are superheroes helping the world.”

Gabriel Ferguson – 9th Grade, Cape Coral High School
Gabriel requested his entire school schedule be rearranged so that he could be with his friend throughout the day.  His friend does not speak English and Gabriel was learning Chinese in order to translate and assist his friend with understanding school work and teacher instructions.  Recently we found out that Gabriel has some severe medical concerns that make it very difficult to walk, so instead he rides his bike to school.  One morning, Gabriel got a flat tire and was very worried about being late to school; instead of giving up and taking his bike home, he hid his bike in the bushes so he could retrieve it later and ran 4 blocks to school.  Keep in mind, walking hurts him which is why he rides a bike.

Joceline Feliciano- 7th Grade, Challenger Middle School
Hannah Slaughter– 8th Grade, Challenger Middle School
Antonia Tocci- 8th Grade, Challenger Middle School
Before their school day begins, Joceline, Hannah and Antonia spend almost 2 hours every morning at Patriot Elementary School assisting the special needs students.  These young ladies do this because they truly care about the students starting their day off right.  

Olivia Trader- 4th Grade, Christa McAuliffe Charter Elementary School

Olivia Trader is raising funds for a “Buddy Bench” or two at Christa McAuliffe Elementary.  The benches will allow a child who is being bullied or simply lonely to identify to teachers and schoolchildren on the playground that they need a friend.

Rene Mendez- 7th Grade, Diplomat Middle School
Rene came to the aid of a teacher who seemed to be suffering from heat exhaustion. He was able to catch her before she fell. Rene also stopped by the office later that day to find out how the substitute teacher was doing.

Mackenzie Jenkins – Kindergarten, Gulf Elementary School
Mackenzie decided to have a lemonade stand at her home to raise money to buy new recess equipment for her school.  She raised enough money to buy a few plastic balls for the equipment cart.

Yocelyne Figueras- 6th Grade, Mariner Middle School
Yocelyne was determined to make Mariner’s annual canned food drive a success.  After cleaning out her mom’s cupboards, she began cutting coupons and looking for the best prices to buy the greatest possible amount of canned food.  As a result of Yocelyne’s hard work and effort she was able to donate 119 food items.

Colin Garland - 6th Grade, Oasis Middle School
Colin found a phone on the school bus and was able to contact the person who had lost it.  The owner of the phone and his parents were extremely grateful.

Yasmeen Stark – 2nd Grade, Pelican Elementary School
Yasmeen was at breakfast and saw an older student shove a younger student causing him to drop his breakfast tray.  Yasmeen helped the student pick up the tray.  She reported the incident to an adult because she felt that this was a case of bullying.

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