(November 19, 2016)-  A bizarre crash investigation left one house condemned, several cars severely damaged, and sent one person to the hospital.

An Officer was traveling northbound near the 4400 block of Chiquita Boulevard when he saw what appeared to be a white vehicle traveling in reverse out of a side street, at a high rate of speed, which then correct itself and began driving southbound on Chiquita Boulevard S.

The officer could see pink fiberglass home insulation coming off the back of the vehicle. The officer turned southbound on Chiquita Boulevard and saw the vehicle run the red light at Chiquita Boulevard and Cape Coral Parkway W. and then saw the vehicle leave the roadway near the 5000 block of Chiquita Boulevard S., entering the parking lot at 5004 Chiquita Boulevard S., where the vehicle crashed into 4 unoccupied vehicles in the parking lot. 

The officer exited his vehicle and made contact with the driver, later identified as Brian Eyerman Prado.  The driver was completely nude, and covered with blood. Eyerman was agitated, and would not listen to the officer and kept trying to walk away.  

Additional officers responded and were eventually able to detain and handcuff Eyerman Prado with the use of a Taser. Eyerman Prado continued to struggle with officers and Medics even while medics tried to get him secured on the gurney. Eyerman Prado was transported as a trauma alert to a local hospital.

The Major Crash Investigator responded due to the apparent injuries Eyerman Prado sustained. Cape Coral Police Department Forensics responded to process the scene. The original traffic crash was located at 4338 Chiquita Boulevard S. where it appeared that Eyerman Prado crashed through the garage and into the house. The home was unoccupied and some of the vehicle parts from Eyerman Prado's vehicle were located inside of the garage area. The home is a rental that is unoccupied and the owner/property manager was notified. The building inspector deemed the house as “unsafe.” 

The investigation is ongoing.

The preliminary synopsis of the Major Crash Investigator is below:

DATE: November 19, 2016
TIME: 12:23 am
LOCATION: 4338 Chiquita Boulevard AND 5004 Chiquita Boulevard
CR: 16-018558 AND 16-108559
ASSIGNED MCI: M/Cpl. A. Satterlee

VEHICLE 1: 2003 white Honda 4 door car.
DRIVER 1: Brian Lee Eyerman Prado, W/M, 11-4-97, 1502 SW 43 Lane, Cape Coral.
DRIVER 1 INJURIES: Prado suffered non-life threatening injuries.

SYNOPSIS: Vehicle 1 was westbound on SW 43 lane approaching Chiquita Boulevard.  Vehicle 1 continued through the intersection and directly into the driveway at 4308 Chiquita Boulevard.  At full speed, Vehicle 1 crashed through the garage and drove his vehicle into the living room of the house.  Vehicle 1 came to a stop, backed up, and then drove southbound on Chiquita Boulevard.  Vehicle 1 then ran the red light at the intersection with Cape Coral Parkway and continued.  In the 5000 block, Vehicle 1 veered to the right and drove into the parking lot of a housing complex at 5004 Chiquita Boulevard.  Vehicle 1 then struck 4 cars in the parking lot at full speed.  After coming to a stop, the driver of Vehicle 1 exited the vehicle naked.

The driver of Vehicle 1 was restrained by multiple officers and had suffered obvious facial trauma along with an altered mental status.  The driver was trauma alerted to a local hospital.  MCI Satterlee and Forensics personnel responded.  At the hospital it was determined that the driver suffered non-life threatening injuries but was being admitted into the intensive care unit for observation.  It is unknown if this crash is alcohol/drug related.  The next-of-kin HAS BEEN contacted.

The house at 4338 Chiquita Boulevard suffered catastrophic damage and was condemned by the responding city building inspector.  No one was at home at the time of the crash and a message was left for the property management company.


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