(December 22, 2016)- Cape Coral Police Detectives are warning of a resurgence of ATM skimmer overlays regionally, and want consumers and businesses to be on the lookout. 

Fraudsters may be placing skimmer overlays on local ATMs, which are designed to blend in as a part of the machine. When in place, these devices often consist of a card reader and another video recording piece situated to capture your PIN number after swiping.  

Please take a look at the photos below that show an example of a skimmer and video capture setup.  These devices come in many colors and finishes, and are not just limited to the green variety shown in the photo.

Since these devices are placed only temporarily, they are usually not strongly glued in place.  A moderate wiggle on a suspected fraudulent card reader will generally dislodge it.  If you come into contact with a suspected fraudulent ATM card reader (skimmer overlay), please do not handle it and immediately call us to report it at (239) 574-3223, so that we may collect it as evidence.

Cape Coral Police want consumers to be aware and look out for such devices when using an ATM and are calling on all businesses that have ATMs to frequently check them for tampering and to immediately contact the Cape Coral Police Department if evidence of tampering is found.


CAPE CORAL POLICE DEPARTMENT | Public Affairs Office | 1100 Cultural Park Boulevard | Cape Coral, FL 33990 | (239) 242-3341

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