(February 17, 2016)- The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for February 2016 will be held today,  Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing."

Nine (9) Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.


David Hernandez,  8th grade, Challenger Middle
Cape Coral was hit by a tornado that destroyed many people’s homes and property.  Some of Challenger’s Middle School students were unable to continue to live in their homes.  David worked on collecting money to be distributed to families negatively affected by the tornado.    David is truly a caring person.  

Barron Northorp, 9th grade, Mariner High School
Barron noticed on a social media site that a fellow student was going to kill herself that night.  He called his teacher to get the student’s last name and address so that he and his family could report it to the police.

Emily Bell, 2nd grade, Gulf Elementary
After the tornado came through SW Cape Coral on 1/18/16 many of the houses and neighborhoods near Gulf Elementary were damaged and some destroyed.  Emily could see that many people needed help and she wanted to do something.  So when a retired military veteran and his family started the recovery process, Emily was right there to lend a hand.  She worked inside the house to clean up broken glass, collected special objects that belonged to the family, and worked outside in the yard to clear away debris.

Mia Cutri, VPK, Four Freedom Park (VPK)
While playing outside with her class Mia noticed smoke coming from a duplex across the street from the playground.  Mia acted quickly by telling her teacher.  Because of Mia’s quick action, the school was able to call for help immediately. 

Caliah Russell, 3rd grade, Christa McAuliffe Elementary
Caliah is a model student at Christa McAuliffe.  She loves helping others and is actively involved in the K-Kids Club.  Caliah promoted Christa McAuliffe’s latest fundraiser in school which benefited The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Because Caliah has battled and beat leukemia herself, her friends were enthusiastic about giving to this foundation.  As a result, the class raised over $450.00.

Madison Autrey, 3rd grade, Pelican Elementary
Madison was returning to class from PE when she found a dollar bill on the ground.  She immediately turned the money into an adult because it did not belong to her.  

Lindsey Byers, 8th grade, Oasis Middle
For over three years Lindsey has been a helper in Mrs. Berge’s first grade class.  She goes to the classroom on a daily basis to help students.  She works with struggling readers by acting as an older reading buddy and helps them on words they are struggling with.  

Alexia Flores, 7th grade, Challenger Middle
Alexia cares deeply about helping other people.  When she sees others being bullied she tries her best to intervene and to make a difference.  Onn one occasion she observed a disabled child being bullied in the halls and she reported it to the teacher.  She stated that she spoke up because she didn’t want anyone else being bullied.

Felix Cupil, 8th grade, Caloosa Middle
Felix Cupil found a folded $20.00 bill on the ground before the first period and handed it to the teacher to find the rightful owner.

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