(June 6, 2016)-  Cape Coral Police Detectives have released the name of the shooter in yesterday's multiple shooting incident.

Detectives have identified the shooter as Christopher Michael Moran, W/M, DOB: 11-19-1984, of 901 SE 8th Terrace #6, Cape Coral, Florida.

Additional information will be provided as information becomes available.

"Good evening everyone,

As you know, yesterday afternoon, Cape Coral experienced a terrible tragedy that resulted in the death of two people and the injury of three others as the result of the heinous actions of a gunman; a gunman who was only stopped by the courageous actions of several members of the Cape Coral Police Department.

Your Police Department is working this case tirelessly, collecting evidence, conducting interviews, and processing the three crime scenes.  Part of the work following such tragic events is to make proper notification to the next of kin and provide the survivors services and assistance through our Victim Assistance Unit.  This is currently underway.  Sometimes relatives are identified and located in the area and this work is fairly quick.  Other times, relatives can be harder to locate and may not be in the area.

We must remember the human element in tragedies where lives have been lost or at a minimum, changed forever by injury or loss.  Empathy for the suffering of the survivors is not just a luxury, it is good community-oriented policing.  Once these notifications are made, or once all avenues have been exhausted, we will provide detailed releases with this information.  As this investigation progresses and we are able to do so, updated news releases will be posted to www.capecops.com/newsroom and will be shared via social media (links below) and with our media partners.

In the meantime, we have seen a number of reports and posts on social media from members of the media and citizens.  While well-meaning, many contain inaccurate and incomplete information.  We understand the desire to try to fill in the gaps to make sense of a senseless catastrophe.  However, we cannot urge citizens and our media partners enough to please refrain from engaging in speculation.  We want to minimize confusion, and make sure that our citizens are given the best information possible, as quickly as the investigative process will allow."-Det. Sergeant Dana Coston, Cape Coral Police Department Public Affairs Officer.


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