Since the loss of the five officers in Dallas, it has been an emotional time for law enforcement officers across the country.

Over the last several days, we here at the Cape Coral Police Department have seen a tremendous outpouring of support from our community. We have had citizens stop by the police department, dropping off thank you cards, notes of appreciation, and dropping off food every day to the men and women of the police department to show their support.
The officers met these citizens, receiving these gifts, thanking them for their overwhelming support.  Citizens have come in with multiple boxes of food, gallons of coffee, desserts, and personalized messages.  I have heard stories from of our officers on how this tragic event has not only affected law enforcement, but our citizens as well.

Some are citizens who live here in Cape Coral, but have family who are in law enforcement elsewhere in the country.  Their law enforcement family are too far away to hug, so they came here to bring us food and they hug the first police officer they see, just to make that connection and offer their support to us.
Most of the citizens that came in did not give their names.  They are not looking for notoriety.  They just want to show support of their officers and let us know they stand with us.

I am very proud to live in a community like ours.  Proud to have raised my family here; and now proud to watch them raise their kids.
I want the community to know how much their support means to all of us here at the Cape Coral Police Department. Words can’t express how these acts have touched the hearts of the men and women of the police department.  It is a heartwarming reminder of what we have taken an oath to do.
Thank you.