(July 25, 2016)-  Cape Coral Police Detectives shed some light on a death investigation that occurred over the weekend, leaving 3 people and a family pet dead.

Yesterday afternoon around 2:30 PM, Cape Coral Police responded to 2614 NE 2 Ave.  A relative came to the home and found three people and a dog deceased in the home- an adult female identified as Amanda T. Florea, 30; an adult male identified as Eric L. Florea, 36; and a juvenile male identified as Aiden L. Florea, age 4.

Preliminary information released yesterday was that all three subjects succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Today, detectives confirmed that this is still the initial determination.  Based on evidence at the scene, detectives believe that Amanda Florea committed suicide by leaving both family cars running in the closed garage, where she was found, and that Eric and Aiden Florea were likely unintentionally poisoned when the carbon monoxide gas infiltrated the living areas of the home.  The investigation is still ongoing.


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