(August 1, 2016)- A standoff involving an armed, suicidal subject in a SW Cape Coral neighborhood ended with the subject taken into custody by the SWAT team late Friday night.

Friday evening, Cape Coral Police responded to a suicide attempt at a residence in the 2900 block of SW 40th Street.

Responding officers were advised that a hispanic male subject at the location was very agitated and had a knife to his throat threatening to kill himself. Officers were also told that there was an 80 year-old woman inside the residence with the subject.

Officers arrived at the scene and met with the subject's wife down the street from the location to get information and formulate a plan. While interviewing her, officers saw the subject come out of the house and go into his car and come out of the car with something in his hand. Officers attempted to make contact with him and get him to come over to where they were. The subject pointed a gun at the officers and yelled, “NO” and ran back inside the house.

Officers began to set up a perimeter on the house when they saw the subject exit through the back of the house, wearing a back pack and holding the gun to his head. Officers continued to attempt to engage with the subject and get him to stop, but he just kept walking through an open field where there was no cover for officers.  Additional officers checked the residence and found that the 80 year-old was okay.

The subject walked to a dock behind a residence in the 3000 block of SW 40th Lane, where officers followed him.  The subject was seen by officers pointing the gun to his head and was on the dock ladder and went into the water. The subject kept yelling to officers to kill him while he pointed the gun to his head.

Patrol officers and two K-9 units set up a perimeter around the dock area. The SWAT Bearcat was driven to the scene and used for cover as officers established contact with the subject using the PA system. The subject would not cooperate and kept coming in and out of the water holding the gun to his head. The SWAT Team was activated and LCSO Aviation also responded for containment. A Command Post was set up nearby.  A Ping4 alert was issued regarding the incident.

The subject came out of the water, up onto the dock. He sat on the dock, retrieved a knife and began rubbing the knife against his own neck. SWAT Team members used a flash-bang to distract the subject while others used a combination of sponge rounds and Taser to incapacitate and disarm the subject.  Officers took him into custody without further incident or serious injury.  The subject was taken to the Cape Coral ER for medical clearance and was later transported to Park Royal for psychiatric evaluation under the provisions of the Baker Act.


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