(August 14, 2016)-  Cape Coral Police are investigating a serious injury crash that involved an electric-powered bicycle.

Just after 3:00 PM yesterday, Cape Coral Police responded to a call of a man down.  Officers arrived to find a bicyclist, identified as Lenny Charles Roberts, 53, laying on the sidewalk in the 300 block of Hancock Bridge Parkway E.  Roberts sustained a life-threatening head injury from the crash and was trauma-alerted to a local hospital.

Cape Coral Police Major Crash Investigator, Forensics, and Victim Advocates responded.  Evidence at the scene indicates this is a single-vehicle crash, possibly resulting from a chain slipping onto the spokes of the bicycle tires.

The synopsis of the Major Crash Investigator is below:

DATE: August 13, 2016
TIME: 3:08 PM
LOCATION: 322 Hancock Bridge Parkway              
CR#: 16-012899
ASSIGNED MCI: Officer Danny W. Gray Jr.

BICYCLIST: Lenny Charles Roberts, W/M, 53, of Cape Coral, Florida.
BICYCLIST INJURIES: Roberts suffered a life threatening head injury.

SYNOPSIS: At 3:08 PM, an unidentified passerby called to report a male lying on the sidewalk next to a bicycle and bleeding heavily from a head injury. Patrol officers responded to the scene. The bicyclist was conscious but unable to provide any information about what had occurred. The bicyclist was trauma alerted to Lee Memorial Hospital with a life threatening head injury. The area was secured and the Major Crash Investigator responded.

The bicycle was traveling west on the sidewalk in the 300-block of Hancock Bridge Parkway. The bicycle is an electric motorized bicycle (Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device), with a 500 watt motor and a top speed of no more than 20 MPH. A heavy duty security chain was attached to the bicycle under the seat and then zip tied in several places along the ‘sissy bar’; approximately 2’ of the chain was loose and dangling from the ‘sissy bar’ and could be extended long enough to entangle with both the front and rear tire spokes. The loose end of the chain was originally attached to the bottom of the handle bar by a small “J” shaped hook and may have disconnected and fallen into the front wheel spokes. Evidence on the sidewalk and driveway in front of 322 Hancock Bridge Parkway indicated the bicycle front tire stopped spinning freely and skidded, causing the bicyclist to flip forward over the handle bar. The bicyclist came to rest at the end of the driveway located at 322 Hancock Bridge Parkway; the bicycle came to rest in the roadway. There was no evidence or witnesses located to indicate the bicyclist collided with or had been struck by a motor vehicle.

After processing the scene, Major Crash Investigator Gray made contact with the victim and a family member at a local hospital Intensive Care Unit. The victim was alert and conscious but was still unable to recall any details about how he lost control of the bicycle. The victim was able to recall that he was traveling to his home from Ft Myers along Hancock Bridge Parkway, that he was traveling on the sidewalk, and that he was probably riding under battery power; victim confirmed that the bicycle is capable of traveling at approximately 20 MPH maximum.

The victim suffered a life threatening head injury, as well as other bruises and abrasions, but was in stable condition. The victim's injuries are consistent with a fall from a powered bicycle.  

Patrol officers canvassed the local area but were unable to locate any witnesses. MCI Gray, Sgt O’Grady, Forensics personnel, and a Victim Advocate responded.  The next of kin HAS BEEN notified.  This incident is not alcohol/drug related.  

***There are 5 traffic fatalities and 19 MCI usages in our city in 2016. (There are 0 fatalities that are ruled "medical" and the cause of death is not related to injuries in the traffic crash. These 0 "medical" fatalities are not included in the number of traffic fatalities).***

Breakdown of the past 6 years, FYI:

  • 2016: 5 Traffic fatalities, 2 DUI related (19 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 0 medical ruled death)
  • 2015: 13 Traffic fatalities, 9 DUI related (43 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 1 medical ruled death)
  • 2014: 10 Traffic fatalities, 5 DUI related (40 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical ruled death)
  • 2013: 19 Traffic fatalities, 6 DUI related (43 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 3 medical ruled deaths)
  • 2012: 10 Traffic fatalities, 6 DUI related (21 MCI usages)
  • 2011: 11 Traffic fatalities, 4 DUI related (24 MCI usages) (this number DOES NOT INCLUDE 2 medical and 1 suicide ruled deaths)

(Updated 8/13/2016)


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