(October 2, 2017) - Officers responding to a citizen's complaint that a man was harassing her were met with extreme hostility and force, with the man's juvenile son then joining into the fight.

On September 29, 2017 at approximately 11:15 p.m. an officer responded to the 1900 block of SE 8th Street in reference to a suspicious person complaint. The caller stated that a neighbor, later identified as Travis Krater (DOB: 4-24-83) had been cat-calling her, following her and throwing things at her when she would attempt to leave her home. Krater was also flashing his truck headlights at her home from his driveway.

The officer attempted to speak to Krater in his driveway and was immediately met with resistance, with Krater refusing to show his hands or identify himself. When the officer attempted to detain Krater for safety, Krater shoved the officer and fled into his home. A backup officer arrived as Krater continued creating a disturbance and yelling loud expletives at the officers. Officers attempted contact with Krater again as he continued to make verbal threats, and when another attempt was made to detain Krater by the front door he punched the officer in the mouth. Krater continued battering the officer, and when the backup officer attempted to assist, Krater's son Ian Wiles-Krater (DOB: 3-29-03) attacked the assisting officer, striking him in the head with his forearms. 

The assisting officer attempted to use his Taser on Ian without effect; the officer still being battered by Travis Krater then Tased Ian and Travis one after the other, with it working to subdue Ian but having no effect on Travis. Travis snatched the Taser out of the assisting officer's hand, threw it into the house through the open door and fled inside, locking the door and leaving his son Ian outside where Ian was detained. 

Travis Krater refused to exit the home and barricaded himself inside for several hours. The Cape Coral Police SWAT Team responded and made entry into the home, detaining Travis without further incident. The stolen Taser was recovered from the bottom of the home's swimming pool.

Travis Krater was arrested and charged with battery on an officer, resisting with violence, grand theft (of the Taser), criminal mischief (for destroying the Taser), and police obstruction (depriving officer of means of protection or communication). He was transported to the Lee County Jail where he remains with a total bond of $260,000. Ian Wiles-Krater was also arrested and charged with battery on an officer and resisting with violence, and was transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

ARRESTED: Travis Anthony Krater, W/M, DOB: 4-24-83, of 1905 SE 8th Street, Cape Coral FL.

CHARGES: Battery on LEO, Resisting With Violence, Grand Theft, Criminal Mischief Over $1000, Depriving Officer Means of Protection or Communication

ARRESTED: Ian ZacharyWiles-Krater, W/M, DOB: 3-29-03, of 1905 SE 8th Street, Cape Coral FL.

CHARGES: Battery on LEO, Resisting With Violence


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