(February 14, 2017) - The next "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for February 2017 will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers.  This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing." WINK News anchor Chris Cifatte will be the guest speaker.

Ten (10) Cape Coral students will be recognized.  The winners’ nominations are after the break.


Jasling Antequera– 8th Grade                Challenger Middle School

Jasling is a compassionate young lady. A new student who had only been at the school for a month was tragically killed while riding his bicycle. Jasling wrote a long letter to the grandmother to tell her all of her grandson’s positive attributes. She expressed her feelings of loss for herself and empathy for what the family must be going through. Jasling’s letter will become part of a memorial piece that the family is creating in New York.

Bella Baldia – 6th Grade                         Caloosa Middle School

Bella found an expensive musical instrument that had been left in the hallway, and turned it in.

Ariana Estrada – 8th Grade                    Mariner Middle School

Ariana found a large sum of money in the hallway and turned it in to school officials.

Alyssa Fraguela – 6th Grade                  Caloosa Middle School

The students in the 6th grade “SUCCESS Initiative” program at Caloosa Middle School must complete at least four hours of Community Engagement time. Alyssa completed 102 hours by working with an elementary school teacher every morning before school. She helps grade papers, sorts materials, prepares the room for projects, and reads to the children.  

Dylan Gomez – 7th Grade                       Mariner Middle School            
Demetria Henderson – 7th Grade        

Demetria and Dylan noticed a large dog running in the middle of a busy intersection. They both ran after the dog and were able to get it to the roadside where it was safe. Demetria and Dylan then checked the tag on the dog so that it could be reunited with its owner.  

Noah Hamilton – 6th Grade                    Challenger Middle School

Noah tries to make sure everyone in the class feels important. He makes a special effort to include an autistic student and takes extra care to work with and understand her. Noah will get a chair and ask her to join his group for projects. He demonstrates compassion for her and will try to figure out why she is upset and how to help her.

Isabella Hart – 5th Grade                         Diplomat Elementary School

Isabella was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at a young age. She has lived with this condition for most of her life, but does not let this distract her from her studies at school or limit her. Isabella went to the school principal and asked to have a fund raiser for juvenile diabetes. As a result, Diplomat Elementary School raised awareness among the students and collected $970.00 which they donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Daniel Veliz– 5th Grade                          Pelican Elementary School
Bronson Wiedman – 5th Grade        

As Daniel and Bronson were leaving the Fall Festival at Pelican Elementary, they noticed a little girl running toward the street crying. They stopped to ask her what was wrong. She told them she couldn’t find her parents and was scared. The boys took the student to school officials who were able to locate her parents. 


In addition, The "Do The Right Thing" program received donations from FOS Furniture ($250) and the Cape Coral Social Club ($50). The program thanks them for their kind donations.


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