(August 18, 2017) - A man who broke into a home but left with nothing DID manage to leave something...a fingerprint that led to his arrest.

On July 14, 2017 the owner of a home in the 100 block of NW 7th Place called from Canada to tell police that he was remotely observing a man in his home via his security system. Officers quickly responded, but the subject fled the scene prior to police arrival. Officers discovered several appliances staged in the garage for future pickup. Detectives conducted surveillance on the home in the hopes the suspect would return, but without success.

Forensics personnel processed the scene and uncovered a fingerprint belonging to Jesse Gagliardi (DOB: 12-6-79). Detective Rosario developed probable cause for Gagliardi, and yesterday located Gagliardi and placed him under arrest. Gagliardi was transported to the Lee County Jail.

ARRESTED: Jesse James Gagliardi, W/M, DOB: 12-6-79, of 1718 NW 17th Avenue,Cape Coral FL.

CHARGES: Burglary of a Dwelling (Unarmed/Unoccupied),Grand Theft



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