(August 2, 2017)-  Cape Coral Police arrested a man after he struck a police car on a traffic stop.

At around 2:30 AM, Cape Coral Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 400 block of NE 23 Terrace. The officer stopped a car at this location for running a stop sign nearby.  The driver attempted to dash into a nearby house but was detained.

Several occupants of the home came out to confront the officer, interfering with the initial stop.  Another subject, later identified as  25 year-old Adam T. Perez then pulled into the yard of the home, driving a pick-up truck.  Perez began to aggressively confront the officer for stopping his ex-girlfriend as an additional unit arrived as back-up.

Perez then got back into the truck, threw it in reverse, and proceeded to spin the tires and intentionally throw grass and mud onto the officer's car.  When Perez’s tires reached dry ground, the vehicle regained traction and backed into the patrol car's driver door, causing a large dent.  Perez was subsequently detained and a DUI investigation ensued.

Perez was uncooperative and refused a Breathalyzer test.  Investigation revealed that Perez was also driving on a suspended driver license.

Perez was direct booked to the Lee County Jail as a combative prisoner, charged with DUI (refusal), DUI w/Property Damage, and Driving with a Suspended DL (Knowingly).

ARRESTED: Adam T. Perez, W/M, DOB: 10-01-1991, of 202 SE 24th Ave. #2

CHARGES: DUI – Refusal, DUI w/Property Damage, Knowingly DWLSR
CR#: 17-013878


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