(September 12, 2017) - The curfew for the City of Cape Coral is being modified to allow citizens to resupply and move about the city.

Due to the re-opening of several area grocery stores and to allow the public longer hours and greater access, the curfew for the City of Cape Coral (within city limits only) is now 11 p.m. - 5 a.m. until further notice, replacing the previous 8 p.m. - 7 a.m. which remains in effect for the rest of Lee County. Sales of alcoholic spirits also resumed at 4 p.m. today with the expiration of the city's declaration of emergency. 

To reiterate, the curfew aids in the maintenance of public order by reducing the number of people out on public roadways after dark. This decreases the likelihood of traffic crashes and other accidents that might require emergency response and tax first responder resources. The curfew also reduces the likelihood of criminal activity, helping to preserve life-safety and protect property. The curfew prohibits all non-essential pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Only those providing essential services like as police, fire, EMS and utility emergency repairs should be on the roadways after 11:00 PM within the city of Cape Coral (8:00 PM in rest of Lee County).


CAPE CORAL POLICE DEPARTMENT | Public Affairs Office | 1100 Cultural Park Boulevard | Cape Coral, FL 33990 | (239) 242-3341