(October 17, 2018)-  Our monthly "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for October 2018 will be held today, Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 at 2:00pm in City Council Chambers. This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage our community to come out and show their support to these outstanding young men and women who "did the right thing." The guest speaker will be Jennifer DeMorrow; Pre-Season Manager, H & R Block.

Do The Right Thing October Winners:

Joshua Forbes Caloosa Middle - 6th Grade

Joshua has provided friendship and companionship to a special needs student who struggles socially.  Joshua has a big heart and stands up for this student to prevent his peers from teasing him.  As a result, Joshua’s friends have turned on him for protecting the student.  

McKenzie Hinton                                           Challenger Middle - 6th Grade

McKenzie continuously puts others before herself.  At the end of the school year, she participated in a school program at her elementary school where students earn a chance to win various prizes.  McKenzie, who loves horses, was hoping to win a toy horse.  On the day of the drawing she was bringing the prizes into the production studio when a kindergarten student saw her carrying a toy horse.  He told her he hopes to win the prize because he loves horses.  During the drawing, McKenzie’s ticket was chosen, and she won the horse she so desperately wanted.  Without hesitation McKenzie announced that she was giving the little boy the toy horse.  Her selfless act brought so much joy to another student who has personal struggles both in and out of school.  

Kaylee Matheson Caloosa Middle - 6th Grade

Kaylee had a peer say some things to her that were disturbing.  She talked to a trusted adult at home about what was said at school that made her very uncomfortable.  The responsible adult then contacted the school with the information to thwart a potentially dangerous situation from occurring.

Sofia Morcate Cape Charter- 4th Grade

Sophia is helping a new student in her class who is struggling because of a language barrier.  She translates for him to make sure he understands and feels comfortable.  Sofia serves as a role model for others by going beyond what is expected of her.

Meesha & Emma Neujahr Christa McAuliffe Elementary-4th Graders

Meesha and Emma participated in a school sponsored event to raise money for the Wounded Warriors.  Students were encouraged to ask family members for donations.  Not only did Meesha and Emma ask for donations, they also donated their entire allowance of $90.00 to help the veterans. 

Thuanny Souza Gulf Middle- 8th Grade

Thuanny is mentoring a new student who speaks very little English.  She is persistent in her effort to make sure that the student understands classwork and feels supported at school.  As a result of Thuanny’s efforts the new student not only increased her English skills but also feels socially accepted.

Aubrey Thomsen Caloosa Middle – 7th Grade

Aubrey is a student aide who chooses to work with students who have developmental disabilities.   Aubrey always go above and beyond to assist these students and is extremely sensitive to their needs.  Because of Aubrey’s sensitive nature, she is able to provide a calming influence to students in distress. 


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