(November 20, 2018)-  Traffic Tuesday! For this Traffic Tuesday we will be focusing on increased vehicular traffic during the winter season. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

As everyone can see there is an influx of visitors in our city enjoying our winter weather while escaping theirs. We don’t have to worry about icy roads, scraping our windshields, putting chains on our tires, or not being able to see the road due to a build up of snow. For us the winter season comes with a lot more vehicular traffic on our roadways. So, please keep some things in mind when driving during the Florida winter: 

  • The turn signal is NOT optional.

  • Texting and driving is NOT okay, not to mention against the law!

  • Red light means stop.

  • A stop sign also means stop, which is literally what it actually says on the sign strangely enough.

  • The speed limit sign is the top speed you are allowed to go. If you want to ask the officer for a warning instead of a ticket…..the speed limit sign was the warning that if you go above that speed you’ll likely get a ticket. Please watch your speed.

  • During this time of year, leave earlier instead of having to rush to get somewhere on time.

  • Please park in designated areas. As you can see from the pictures below, these are not correct ways to park and one of them will lead to a traffic citation with a huge fine. Not something anyone wants around the holidays.

REMINDER: If you have traffic concerns, you can submit them here: www.capecops.com/traffic. Your concern will be routed directly to the Traffic Unit for follow-up. Please be as detailed as possible to include things like days of week, times you are seeing the issue, or specific cars (if it is a particular vehicle with which you are having an issue).



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